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METRO2C Alliance Connects into over 60 UK Data Centres through Vtesse

by david.nunes

METRO2C Alliance Connects into over 60 UK Data Centres through Vtesse

One of the UK’s leading networks and data centre communications providers signs up to strategic telecoms alliance

15th July 2013, Dublin, Ireland – Sea Fibre Networks (SFN), owner and operator of Europe’s most advanced sub-sea telecoms network, CeltixConnect, today revealed Vtesse as a member of the METRO2C Alliance. Vtesse operates an extensive UK national network connecting over 60 data centres across the UK including its own state of the art facility 25 miles outside central London. Integrating with the METRO2C Alliance, Vtesse delivers a key component of the digital environment supporting high bandwidth mission critical communications infrastructure and enablement of cloud services.

Vtesse’s membership underscores the METRO2C Alliance’s strategy of collaborating with organisations experienced in the design and delivery of mission critical networks and dedicated data centre operations and commences with the supply of seamless solutions linking key METRO2C hubs. As on-going demand for international bandwidth, cloud computing and quality communications services increases, enterprises seek bespoke communication solutions tailored to specific requirements such as 100g, diverse routing, low latency and high availability. Vtesse brings over 13 years experience to the METRO2C Alliance for enterprises requiring ROADM and MPLS high capacity data networks for Storage Area networks (SANs), disaster recovery or intersite communications.

Diane Hodnett, Sea Fibre Networks’ CEO, said; “Vtesse connects into over 60 UK based data centres, delivering a ready made environment for the deployment of cloud based services, making it a great fit for the METRO2C Alliance.

Steve Roberts, Service Development Manager for Vtesse said; “Working with partners enables us to expand our network coverage and data centre connections.  Joining the METRO2C Alliance enhances these partnerships for the rapid delivery of mission critical networks.”

About The METRO2C Alliance
Founded by Sea Fibre Networks, the METRO2C Alliance is the collaboration of Europe’s leading connectivity providers, data centre operators and Internet exchanges providing best-in-class communication solutions connecting Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The METRO2C Alliance is carrier-neutral facilitating collaboration amongst members, providing enterprises with premier high capacity connectivity solutions matching bespoke requirements such as diverse routing, low latency, scalability and modern technology with very competitive cost efficiencies.

Members of the METRO2C Alliance include:

1. Connectivity Providers: experienced in the design, delivery and management of tier 1 and tier 2 networks, with a proven track record in dealing with global enterprise and carrier customers. Product offerings include dark fibre and managed services.
2. Data Centre Operators: Europe’s leading Data Centre Service Providers crucial to the growth of the digital economy, providing services from data storage, disaster recovery and cloud computing.
3. Internet Exchanges: Europe’s leading Internet Exchanges dedicated to reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the telecoms industry.

Visit the METRO2C website today for more information. Announcing following routes soon: Munich, Zurich, Brussels, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

To enquire about an enterprise solution, please use our Solution Generator feature on this page.  For becoming a member of the METRO2C Alliance, please contact us here.

About Vtesse
Vtesse is a Networks and Data Centre Organisation.  We operate one of the largest national fibre optic networks in the UK, connecting to over 60 Data Centre including the Vtesse Data Centre at Hoddsdon.

We specialise in, creating innovative solutions, providing flexibility and bespoke services to our clients.  Network route diversity can be achieved quickly through the connections and relationships we have in place.

Our Networks products include ROADM, MPLS, Ethernet VPN, IPVPN, IP Transit, Enterprise Internet and DDoS mitigation.  Within this range we have developed propositions that allow for flexibility of service and commercials by switching network routes and usage billing.

The Vtesse Data Centre provides Colocation Space that can be developed into private data centres through the use of individual suites or caged areas, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of the Tier iii facility.

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