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Mi-Pay launches Facebook Top-Up jbrowning9@bloomberg.net

by david.nunes

Mi-Pay launches Facebook Top-Up App

Mi-Pay Facebook Application enables customers to top up their pre-paid accounts without ever leaving Facebook.

Mi-Pay, a PCI certified leader in the mobile payment solutions market, has launched a Facebook Application that allows customers top-up up their mobile pre-paid phone accounts directly from Facebook. This initiative is one of a range of secure payment mechanisms that customers of Mi-Pay can access.

Facebook gives mobile operators a new channel to reach, socialize with and build long lasting relationships with their end users. Facebook is a powerful channel for mobile operators to boost their revenue and bottom line. Results have shown up to a 20% increase in top-up transaction volume is possible by utilizing Facebook as another channel, and by opening up and marketing the channel for their customers to top-up their pre-paid accounts.

The Mi-Pay white-labelled Facebook Application is accessed via a mobile operator’s Facebook page. The application is available to anyone visiting the Facebook page; as such a customer does not need to sign into Facebook, and nor do they need to have a Facebook account in order to use the top-up service. Customers of a mobile operator who partners with Mi-Pay can enter their credit card information into the secure Facebook App to top-up their pre-paid accounts. For customers who are signed into Facebook, the App offers additional features such as posting a message on the customer’s timeline, and allowing them to share the App with their Facebook Friends.

Customers want to be free to spend their time connecting to people, pages and photos on Facebook without any interruptions. Facebook is where users are spending a large part of their time and it is where Mi-Pay is able to help mobile operators engage with their customers by using our new Facebook Top-Up Application. According to Facebook’s own statistics, 50% of users visit the site every day. A Facebook App is therefore likely to give customers much more visibility of a pre-paid top-up service than through other channels.

Mi-Pay’s CEO, Allan Jakobsen, said: “Social Media and Facebook in particular is a powerful communication and advertising platform. With more than 800 million people around the world using Facebook, mobile operators have an excellent opportunity to be where their customers are and to actively use this platform as a channel to increase revenues and bottom line. Mi-Pay is a reliable partner for anyone who wants to take the next step into the future by providing easy and secure ways to top-up for customers all around the world.“

About Mi-Pay

Mi-Pay is a recognized leader and pioneer in the $500bn Mobile payment solutions market for nearly 10 years. It has been trading since 2003 and over this time invested over $16m in developing its unique propositions and building a breadth of experience embedded within its infrastructure and culture. Along with the length of existence and continued development, it also delivers over 50% year-on-year growth as it drives its customer success levels up and now transacts close to $100m annually in pre-paid top-up transaction value on behalf of clients.

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