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MICROSENS Press Release June 2017 – Robust 25-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch approved for railway and power distribution s

by Anthony Weaver

Hamm, 31 May 2017 – The tried and tested Profi Line rack switch from MICROSENS is now also available with special approvals for use in railway technology and power distribution systems. The robust switch in 19″ design offers a total of 25 Gigabit Ethernet ports of which eight can be expanded to fiber optic connections as combo ports with SFP modules. A total of 16 copper ports offer PoE/PoE+ with which the terminal devices connected can also be supplied with electricity in a particularly economical way via the data line.

Extreme environmental conditions prevail in railway operation. The new Profi Line rack switch from MICROSENS with railway approval is especially resistant against vibration, shock and climatic fluctuation. It works safely and reliably, even under extreme temperatures. At the same time, it is insensitive to power supply fluctuations and its enormous electromagnetic immunity means it is optimally protected against EMC influences.

These special features also make it the first choice in power distribution systems (power substations). The high immunity of the new Profi Line rack switch towards electromagnetic fields and overvoltages, from lightning strikes in the vicinity no less, ensures that communication in power substations also works smoothly under the most adverse conditions.

The fanless switch can be operated in the temperature range -40 to +75°C and with DC voltage between 24 and 57 VDC. Despite its compact package size of 1 U, besides its data connections, it also has two alarm inputs and outputs, for example for cabinet monitoring or for integrating a sensor/actuator.

The Profi Line rack switch was designed for top reliability and availability with the shortest recovery times. Industrial ring structures can be established both via SFP ports or with copper connections for enhanced fault tolerance. In the event of failure, a special mechanism detects failure of a network node or interruption of a link and ensures automatic reconfiguration of the network within a few milliseconds.

The switch operating system, firmware and configuration data are saved on an SD card. This ensures that in the event of device replacement, all settings are adopted by simply inserting the SD card in the new device.

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