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Microsoft and Kyndryl to collaborate on generative AI adoption for business

by Anthony Weaver

LONDON, 9th August 2023 – Kyndryl [2] (NYSE: KD), the world’s
largest technology infrastructure services provider, and Microsoft
today announced a joint effort to enable the adoption of
enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for businesses on The
Microsoft Cloud.

Leveraging the partnership’s Joint Innovation Centers, Kyndryl’s
growing patent portfolio in data and AI, and its access to Microsoft
365 Copilot, Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Fabric, the two
companies will rapidly design, develop and drive new generative AI
innovations and solutions across their enterprises. To further the
advancement of new AI capabilities, Kyndryl is also committing to
utilise the Kyndryl University for Microsoft to educate thousands of
Kyndryl employees on new Microsoft AI technologies.

Advancing Customer AI-Readiness

Central to enabling the expanded collaboration, Kyndryl is launching
an AI-readiness program within
Kyndryl Consult [3] that is dedicated to responsibly exploring the
adoption of generative AI solutions. Highly skilled Kyndryl experts
will help new and existing customers build a trusted data foundation
and navigate the complexity of using new generative AI technologies.

Leveraging its deep domain and enterprise-grade AI expertise –
spanning across industries and solution areas – the Company will
help customers evaluate the benefits of generative AI through key
service areas, including:

* Collaborative Innovation: Customers can tap into Kyndryl Vital [4]
and the Microsoft and Kyndryl Joint Innovation Centres to explore and
co-create custom use cases and identify unique ways to leverage
generative AI in their enterprises and unlock business value.
* Enhanced Customer and Employee Experience: Using its expertise in
managing complex IT environments, Kyndryl will pilot new technologies
and develop industry specific models, use cases and solutions that
further build on its existing capabilities to help customers improve
enterprise automation and workplace productivity.
* Of note, Kyndryl has supported several customers, as well as
themselves, in leveraging AI and a virtual assistant to automatically
summarise problem descriptions and dynamically surface relevant
information to improve efficiency and response rates.
* Build a Strong Data Foundation: Kyndryl will work with customers to
provide end-to-end services – from building a trusted data
foundation and architecture, to managing customers’ data from the
point of creation to the time of consumption, enabling higher quality
data and improved reliability.
* Execution & Management: Leveraging its data and AI architectural
expertise, Kyndryl will deploy bespoke frameworks for customers to
derive value from data and generate AI insights at scale, in a
responsible and optimal manner.

“Kyndryl is creating a trusted environment for organisations to
explore the benefits and value it can bring to organisations as they
look to drive efficiencies, grow and deliver greater business
outcomes,” said Stephen Leonard, Global Alliances and Partnerships
Leader, Kyndryl. “With over three decades of experience in
delivering data services, advanced security capabilities and managing
complex IT environments, we are well-positioned to work alongside
Microsoft to help organisations confidently apply generative AI at
scale and positively impact their businesses while being mindful of
known risks.”

“Together with Kyndryl, we have a shared vision to responsibly
enable our customers to jointly explore, design and deploy generative
AI solutions across their enterprises, and to do it in a way that
enables them to realise business value,” said Stephen Boyle, GM
Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft. “As a leader in the delivery of
generative AI and data platforms, we believe partners such as Kyndryl
are critical to the successful use of emerging technologies
for business.”

Together, Kyndryl Consult, Kyndryl Bridge and Kyndryl Vital represent
a cohesive approach to helping customers envision the outcomes they
want, design and implement solutions, and assess results, while
continuously evolving their IT infrastructures for the future.

As greater volumes of data and analysis require more computing power,
Kyndryl Bridge [5] will enable customers to easily manage their
complex technology estates through services such as AIOps and FinOps,
and will leverage AI to help customers achieve their business goals in
a cost-effective, insightful and security rich manner. Kyndryl also
will continue to enrich its advanced delivery capabilities through
additional generative AI services.

The strategic partnership with Microsoft was Kyndryl’s first global
strategic alliance [6] upon becoming an independent public company.
Together, the companies continue to unlock new areas of innovation
that drive better business outcomes for customers, and taps into
incremental multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunities in fast-growing
areas such as data modernisation, governance and AI.

Kyndryl is uniquely qualified to offer customers a first-hand
perspective on AI implementations as it continuously tests, innovates,
improves, and becomes experts in AI and other technologies before they
are integrated into customers’ businesses. For instance, after
becoming an independent company, Kyndryl embarked on its own
technology transformation journey and has integrated AI across its
operations, on Kyndryl Bridge and through its workforce productivity
tools. The Company plans to continue to develop new use cases for
deploying generative AI internally and for its customers across

About Kyndryl
Kyndryl (NYSE: KD) is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services
provider, serving thousands of enterprise customers in more than 60
countries. The company designs, builds, manages and modernises the
complex, mission-critical information systems that the world depends
on every day.

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