HICKORY, NC, September 1, 2010—CNT braided cable and connectors from Andrew Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in wireless communications systems and products, are winning over many of the world’s largest microwave OEMs as cost-effective cable solutions for connecting indoor and outdoor units in wireless backhaul networks.

“CNT solutions fill a product gap in the 50-ohm cable industry, offering greater flexibility in a low loss cable,” said Mike Fabbri, vice president and general manager, Braided Cable and Automotive Products, Andrew. “Many leading microwave OEMs have introduced CNT solutions into their backhaul network to expand capacity for the explosion in data applications and traffic.”

CNT™ coax offers electrical performance comparable to corrugated copper cables in these applications, but with higher flexibility and simplified connectorization at a lower cost. Andrew’s proven braiding technology helps ensure low signal loss, offering lower attenuation at every frequency. Even when flexed into a tight bend radius, CNT cable minimizes loss while maintaining electrical performance. Andrew’s CNT cables are supported by the company’s global supply chain and logistics operations, ensuring cost-effective solutions worldwide. Andrew recently expanded its CNT distribution channel in Europe.

CNT assemblies can be deployed in almost any indoor or outdoor space-constrained area, including in-building, in-cabinet, tower top, and GPS installations, among many others.

“Andrew CNT cable products can be used in a variety of different applications where low cost, high performance connectivity is required,” said Fabbri. “Andrew remains committed to supporting our global customer base with reliable, high quality cable solutions, and CNT is our latest demonstration of that fact.”