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Middle Eastern Mobile Operator Selects Subex ROCT for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance

by david.nunes

Middle Eastern Mobile Operator Selects Subex ROC™ for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance


Subex wins fourth competitive bid for its Revenue Operations Centre solutions in the Middle East


BANGALORE, INDIA – Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) for communications service providers, announced today that it has been chosen to provide its industry leading Revenue Operations Centre (ROC) for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance for a Middle Eastern mobile operator.


In a competitive bid for services, Subex was chosen for its flexibility and thorough understanding of the local environment. These new solutions will deliver additional value and help the service provider address any vulnerability to fraud and revenue leakages, by putting in place a formidable system to combat such leakages.


Subex’s ROC Fraud Management solution ensures a rapid return on investment (ROI) by off­ering the strongest fraud management capabilities, increasing compliance, reducing risk, and providing economies of scope. Subex‘s detailed business benefit modeling tools allow customers to determine ROI, build reliable business cases, and explicitly see the value that our solution can bring to their business.


This mobile operator customer has a large pre-paid end customer base, which makes Subex’s ROC Revenue Assurance solution versatility and scalability invaluable. The solution can detect fraud in any telecom environment, including wire line (PSTN, ISP, VoIP) and wireless (2G, 2.5G, 3G). It can also detect fraud across all service types including postpaid, prepaid, value-added service (VAS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), M-Commerce, IPTV, and Triple/Quad Play. Its highly scalable platform can handle any data volumes and ever-increasing loads, o­ffering a one-stop solution for an operator’s fraud management needs.


“We are pleased that yet another customer has found it so valuable to operate our industry leading ROC for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance. We consider this as a great testimony to the quality of products and services that we provide to our customers.” said Sudeesh Yezhuvath, Chief Operating Officer, Subex Ltd.


He added, “This is also significant because this is our fourth win announcement in the Middle East in the past four months. Using our ROC Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions in conjunction with each other will enable our customer to protect their revenue as well as prevent present and future frauds, resulting in better service for their end customers.”



About Subex Limited


Subex Limited is a leading global provider of Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) that empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to achieve competitive advantage through Business Optimization and Service Agility – thereby enabling them to improve their operational efficiency to deliver enhanced service experiences to subscribers.


The company pioneered the concept of a Revenue Operations Center (ROC™) – a centralized approach that sustains profitable growth and financial health through coordinated operational control. Subex’s product portfolio powers the ROC and its best-in-class solutions enable new service creation, operational transformation, subscriber-centric fulfillment, provisioning automation, data integrity management, revenue assurance, cost management, fraud management and interconnect / inter-party settlement. Subex also offers a scalable Managed Services program and has been the market leader in Business optimization for three consecutive years. Subex has been awarded the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011 along with Swisscom for the industry’s first successful Risk Reward Sharing model for Fraud Management.


Subex’s customers include 16 of top 20 wireless operators worldwide* and 26 of the world’s 50 biggest# telecommunications service providers. The company has more than 300 installations across 70 countries.


*RCR Wireless list, 2010
#Forbes’ Global 2000 list, 2010

For more information please visit www.subexworld.com 

For further information please contact:

Rajiv Menon at Perfect Relations

Tel: +91 9845251133



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