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Millicom Q2 Results

by david.nunes

Millicom Q2 Results

Millicom’s Q2 results, which are announced today which demonstrate the company’s strong organic revenue growth in both Africa and Latin America over the past quarter.

Over the past quarter, Millicom has achieved:

  • Revenue growth of 15% in Africa and 14% in South America
  • Organic revenue growth increased to 9.0%
  • 16% revenue growth for Cable & Digital Media
  • Mobile data customers increased by 1.1 million
  • 27% increase in service revenue in Colombia
  • Millicom merger with UNE received second regulatory approval
  • Extended the Pay-TV offering with DTH services in 5 new markets

Millicom is a telecommunications company that successfully operates through their brand, Tigo, in mainly high-risk, high-return markets in Latin America and Africa.  Tigo brings mobile communications and digital services to harder-to-reach markets such as the DRC and El Salvador.  They have made owning a smart-phone a possibility for the emerging middle classes throughout their markets.

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