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MINI and smart-TEC develop NFC-enabled smartphone holder with Click&Drive App

by david.nunes

MINI and smart-TEC develop NFC-enabled

smartphone holder with the Click&Drive app

This smartphone holder with integrated NFC technology, which acts as an “advanced instrument cluster” located in the central field of view, launches an app developed specially by MINI when the smartphone is inserted.

Oberhaching / 11.03.14 Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is used to speed up processes or transactions and is making increasing inroads into the automotive sector. The wireless connection interface for short distances is increasingly establishing itself on mobile phones and tablets. NFC-enabled devices allow users to perform various actions, such as automatically launching apps. If these are not yet installed on the mobile device, the user is redirected to the Android Playstore™ for single-click installation.

It is this functionality that is being used in the new smartphone holder to launch the “MINI Click&Drive” app when the smartphone is inserted into the holder. According to current surveys, users install an average of around 80 apps onto their devices. Andreas Schlaudraff, Head of the smartTEC Competence Centre NFC, explains that “the fact that the relevant app starts up automatically when the smartphone is inserted into the holder greatly simplifies its operation and increases user acceptance.” The NXP NTAG203 chipset, which is compatible with all NFC-enabled devices, is pre-programmed to install and launch the Click&Drive app. Similarly, it is also set up for individual programming using free apps from the Android Playstore™, Windows Phone Store or BlackBerry World. This gives MINI drivers maximum freedom to configure it to suit their needs.

The MINI Click&Drive app offers the following functions and features: In “Drive Mode”, Spike rocks along the road on his skateboard with the MINI driver. It also offers the following features:

<!-Safety: Spike is always there for the driver, even in critical situations – with services such as the MINI Accident Hotline and MINI Roadside Assistance

<!-Weather: If it rains or the temperature drops, Spike reminds the driver to adapt their driving style to the weather conditions.

When the driver stops or parks their MINI, they can access the “Fun Mode” which includes social media applications and the following additional features:

<!-Playground: This app provides entertainment via a range of applications for use during breaks in the journey. Spike can always think of something. And naturally, users can also play with Spike depending on their preferences and mood.

<!-Using the photo function, users can insert their own picture into MINI ad motifs and share them via Facebook, Twitter or email, creating a strong brand association with MINI for the driver.

About smart-TEC:

smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG is a company belonging to the RATHGEBER Group in Oberhaching near Munich. For more than 10 years, it has been developing and manufacturing customer-specific RFID transponders. It offers products ranging from self-adhesive, printed RFID and NFC labels to robust, long-life weather- and temperature-resistant RFID transponders for the industrial sector. The majority of the RFID transponders are certified for use in explosion hazard environments. smart-TEC also offers comprehensive project support in cooperation with system partners.

Our core competencies:

<!-Robust, durable, industry-compliant, weather- and temperature-resistant RFID and NFC transponders – including for explosion hazard environments

<!-Customer-specific RFID and NFC labels, printed or blank, with the most varied of chip technologies, frequency ranges and forgery- and tamper-proof features

<!-Comprehensive NFC expertise at our NFC Competence Centre

<!-Competent project consultation and support

Want to find out more? Please contact us!

smart-TEC GmbH & Co KG


Andreas Schlaudraff


Kolpingring 3, 82041 Oberhaching


+49 89 613007 86


+49 89 613007 7186





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