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Mobey Forum Launches White Paper to Define Control Points in Mobile Wallets

by david.nunes

Mobey Forum Defines Control Points within the Mobile Wallet Ecosystem

White paper explores how stakeholder groups will compete to influence operational delivery


15 February, 2012, Helsinki – Mobey Forum has today released a white paper entitled: ‘Control Points in Mobile Wallets’, which analyses how the rollout of the mobile wallet will be dictated by the various stakeholders involved in its development and deployment.


The paper identifies seven key areas, or ‘control points’, within the mobile wallet ecosystem that will influence the delivery of the technology to end users, and highlights the controlling roles that different stakeholder groups will play in the commercial operation of its supporting infrastructure. 


Amir Tabakovic, Head of Market Development at PostFinance and Chair of the Mobey Forum Mobile Wallet Task Force, comments: “There is clearly much interest in the commercial potential of mobile wallets from organisations operating in the mobile financial services industry. There is also considerable competition for market position among key players striving to win the interest of consumers. If the mobile wallet is to develop to its full potential, it is important to understand how the mobile wallet landscape can be influenced and in particular how stakeholders can control one or more parts of the ecosystem.”


This is the second in a series of mobile wallet white papers from Mobey Forum, the global bank-led industry association driving a prosperous mobile financial services ecosystem, which aims to provide the industry with a new level of thinking on what is required of stakeholders to facilitate widespread adoption of the mobile wallet.


In addition to exploring how stakeholder groups can influence the ecosystem by managing these control points, the paper also demonstrates how each control point can be applied to the different implementation approaches taken by current providers, including Google, M-Pesa, Nokia Money and Isis, irrespective of the specific technologies and business models employed by each.



“We advocate an open systems approach to mobile wallet development,” adds Sirpa Nordlund, Executive Director of Mobey Forum. “By drawing all stakeholders together and collaborating  on the development of an infrastructure that is fully interoperable and in line with known industry standards, we can create a commercially viable environment that enables any mobile wallet to host content from any provider which, ultimately, will accelerate mass market adoption.”


“There is currently much hype around the mobile wallet, but very little analysis and guidance in the market to support worldwide adoption,” continues Nordlund. “Mobey Forum aims to address this shortfall and provide clarification on implementation for financial institutions and other stakeholders. In this second instalment, Mobey Forum provides a commercially neutral model for assessing how well equipped stakeholders are to fulfil the roles they are competing for.”


To download the Mobile Wallet: Control Points for Mobile Wallet white paper without charge, visit www.mobeyforum.org.


Leading banks, payment schemes and service companies have all contributed to the white paper, including: Bank of America, DNB Bank, European Payments Council, FSM Consultants, Oberthur Technologies, Luup, Nets, Nokia, Nykredit, PEACHES, PostFinance, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Scotland, SWIFT and Tieto.


For further media information please contact Rob Peryer / Kirsty Pearson tel +44 1943 468 007 or email: rob@iseepr.co.uk / kirsty@iseepr.co.uk

About Mobey Forum


Mobey Forum is the global leader in driving a sustainable and prosperous mobile financial services ecosystem.  Established in 2000, it brings together leading financial institutions, mobile network operators, mobile handset manufacturers and payment processors and vendors, committed to accelerating the mass-market deployment of user-friendly mobile financial services by promoting open and secure technology standards.

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