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Mobey Forum to Participate in Trusted Computing Group Industry Liaison Programme

by david.nunes

Mobey Forum to Participate in Trusted Computing Group Industry Liaison Programme


14 May 2012, Helsinki – Mobey Forum, the global bank-led industry association defining a prosperous mobile financial services (MFS) ecosystem, is now participating in the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Industry Liaison Programme. The two organisations will work together to enhance the development of security standards in MFS.


The liaison will enable Mobey Forum and the TCG to share members’ security requirements and use this combined knowledge to enhance the TCG’s development of standards in MFS.  The liaison is intended to foster closer collaboration between the mobile and ICT industries and the banks and financial institutions intent on rolling out MFS to their customers.


“The current security standards for mobile devices lack the perspective of financial institutions, and their specific needs for mobile payments and mobile banking,” comments Ron van Wezel, Chairman of the Board at Mobey Forum and Director of Emerging Payment Streams at Deutsche Bank. “The TCG is doing great work toward defining security standards in mobile financial services. The input and participation of Mobey Forum in the TCG will provide valuable contribution from the financial and banking sector in support of this work. Additionally, it will deliver educational value for Mobey Forum members and enable direct communication between the financial sector and device manufacturers. Aligning their interests with the industry’s efforts to create technical standards will help to accelerate deployment and encourage state-of-the-art security implementations.”


Brian Berger, TCG Director and Chair TCG marketing work group, commented: “One of the core objectives of the TCG relationship with Mobey Forum is to ensure that the TCG’s standard specifications are not only theoretically and technically sound, but also support users’  requirements and development demands of the industry adopting them. We look forward to receiving the practical input from the banking and financial institutions represented by Mobey Forum that will enable us to meet this objective.”


Mobey Forum’s Security Taskforce will represent Mobey Forum in the programme, imparting the views and vision of the wider association. It will also be able to access up to date TCG knowledge of current research and standards, as well as evaluate in real-time the different MFS use cases developed by the TCG.

 “Mobey Forum’s liaison with the TCG reflects its commitment to ensuring the current level of trust that end users have in their banking services is maintained through the transition to a mobile environment,” adds van Wezel.


About Mobey Forum


Mobey Forum is the global leader in driving a sustainable and prosperous mobile financial services ecosystem.  Established in 2000, it brings together leading financial institutions, mobile network operators, mobile handset manufacturers and payment processors and vendors, committed to accelerating the mass-market deployment of user-friendly mobile financial services by promoting open and secure technology standards.

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