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Mobica breaks new ground in the IoT

by david.nunes

Mobica supports Canonical in establishing their Snappy Ubuntu Core on the Internet of Things

02 March 2015

Mobica supports Canonical in establishing their Snappy Ubuntu Core on the Internet of Things


As an industry leader in the Internet of Things, Mobica has been asked to join Canonical in creating their Snappy Ubuntu Core.

Mobica is supporting not only Canonical, but many industry leading IoT companies to develop and integrate their Internet of Things solutions, allowing their IoT-enabled devices to be connected, managed and secure.

With nearly 700 engineers at their disposal and R&D centres based across 4 different countries and 2 continents, Mobica has ensured it has the high-calibre resources necessary to undertake groundbreaking work in IoT.

Mobica is an expert in the essential IoT ingredients including devices (low power processors, microcontrollers and sensor fusion), protocols for data transmission, powerful back-end server technologies to drive the data effectively and UI/UX for intelligent data interaction/presentation.

Jim Carroll, Mobica’s CTO, says “The Internet of Things is the single most important strategic technology for Mobica today. Although IoT is relatively new, many of the underlying technologies are mainstays of our project portfolio. As such, we are currently working with many of our customers to develop their next generation IoT solutions, and we expect this trend to continue and grow significantly over the next 12 – 24 months.”

About Mobica

Mobica is a global provider of high quality, leading edge software engineering, testing and consultancy services for the automotive, home media, mobile, semiconductor, FinTech, TV and Broadcasting, consumer electronic and marine industries. Based in the UK, we employ over 700 staff with offices in Poland, the USA and now Mexico, ensuring a global customer reach.

Mobica Limited is listed in the ranking of 100 companies by the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as one of the fastest growing private equity firms in the technology industry.

For more information visit www.mobica.com or contact us via sales@mobica.com

About Snappy Ubuntu Core

Snappy Ubuntu Core delivers bullet-proof security, reliable updates and the enormous Ubuntu ecosystem at your fingertips, bringing the developer’s favourite cloud platform to a wide range of internet things, connected devices and autonomous machines.

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