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Mobile-friendly website leader Telnames launches value-added service to help small businesses get listed online

by david.nunes

Mobile-friendly website leader Telnames launches value-added service to help small businesses get listed online

Telnames new local listings service allows customers to “create once and publish everywhere” with free and automatic online directory submission for UK businesses

London, United Kingdom, October 10, 2013. – Telnames (http://www.telnames.com), a leader in self-service mobile-friendly websites for local businesses, today announces an extension to its popular website creation service with the launch of a convenient local search listings management service. The new service addition means that Telnames customers can now benefit from automatic submission of their core business listings details to participating online directories, local search engines and business listings publishers. The service increases visibility and generates sales leads, relevant local searches, and allows prospective customers to easily make contact. 

This new additional service is being provided to all Telnames UK business customers free of charge. When businesses sign up for a Telnames .tel mobile website, Telnames will now distribute the business contact information along with their .tel site URL across a network of significant local search publisher partners including Bing, Yahoo!, BT, Scoot, 118118.com, 192.com, Local Mole and many others. This new service means that Telnames customers can avoid the time and hassle involved with making contact with each local directory themselves to get listed and visible in local search. All that is required is to set up an initial Telnames .tel for their business, which only takes minutes. All the relevant data that online directories need is captured during the sign-up process and Telnames then provides this information automatically to members of its partner network of directories and local search engines at no extra charge. The Telnames Partner Network is constantly expanding as more and more partners come on board.

Previously, companies have had to create their own website, optimise it for mobile devices, and then submit it to the directories themselves. Many businesses have found this process time consuming and a hassle so they have simply not bothered with it. Consequently, their businesses are not being fully listed or appear without important website content putting them at a disadvantage in the UK local search web.

Telnames’ Chief Marketing Officer Ian Bowen-Morris comments: “This new additional service is a huge help to our small business customers. When they sign up to Telnames not only do they benefit from having an easy to use single page website designed with mobile users in mind, they also now benefit from inclusion in our new listings management service. The service helps them get visibility and generate sales leads by automatically distributing their core contact information and .tel URL across a range of popular local search sites that publish after verification.” He adds: “Using local directories has always been a key marketing tool for businesses, but what Telnames is delivering is a totally unique package – an effective website presence that displays their business effectively to people searching on all devices at home or on the move as well as visibility across the local search web at no extra cost. The difference is simplicity delivered at superb value for money.”

The Telnames local listings service is included within a customer’s annual Telnames subscription. Businesses don’t need to take any further action to benefit, all that is needed is a .tel name that is well -populated and ready for customers to visit and make contact.

For more information please visit: http://www.telnames.com/telnames-partner-network/.

About Telnames: http://www.telnames.tel

Telnames is a leader in self-service mobile-ready website creation. Telnames allows professionals and businesses of all sizes to get online and “go mobile in minutes”.

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