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Mobile Labs deviceConnect™, an internal Device Cloud Bringing Order to Your Mobile Testing Chaos!

by david.nunes

Mobile Labs deviceConnect™, an internal Device Cloud Bringing Order to Your Mobile Testing Chaos!

Amsterdam, August 22nd 2013 – At Mobile Labs, we know that mobility can be a challenge throughout the enterprise. For software developers and testers in particular, the growing complexity of mobility and its impact on mobile app testing is caused by many factors, such as the growing variety of device types, form factors, and operating systems.

But this is not the only challenge you may face in mobile app development and testing! Just think about the compressed release cycles of mobile apps, operating systems and devices, and the growing sophistication of mobile app users which increases demand for sophisticated apps. There is a growing desire of mobile app users to perform increasingly complex tasks using ever more intuitive and simple user interfaces.

Managing all of these factors while rapidly delivering quality, reliable apps is downright chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be. We help you bring order to the chaos with an enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile testing solutions, called deviceConnect™. Our mobile app testing solutions are secure, agile, scalable and available at a fraction of the cost of public cloud and first generation test tools.

Mobile Labs deviceConnect™

As a leader in automated, cross-platform mobile application testing, we challenge the mobile testing and development market space with our new deviceConnect™, an internal device cloud that delivers comprehensive management capabilities for mobile devices in corporate test labs and the apps that require testing.

deviceConnect™ allows a group of testers located anywhere within an enterprise’s worldwide, private infrastructure to easily share a set of mobile devices for manual or automated testing of mobile apps. deviceConnect™ works in conjunction with Mobile Labs’ Trust™, an automated functional and regression testing tool for mobile applications.

Via its web-based console, deviceConnect provides testers with remote access to test devices including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets while

simultaneously letting QA leaders manage the entire test pool as well as view device detail, such as each device’s name, manufacturer, model number, OS version, and apps currently loaded for test. The solution allows management to filter devices by platform, availability, apps loaded on the device and more.

Second-generation mobile test solution

deviceConnect™ is a second-generation, software-based device cloud that revolutionizes mobile device sharing by making it economically and physically possible for more organizations to benefit from device cloud management. Using a very light hardware footprint, deviceConnect™ can be rapidly deployed anywhere within an enterprise that has Ethernet or Wifi connectivity, and a deviceConnect™ cart may be easily wheeled from location to location without the need for environment or power experts and with very brief downtime. deviceConnect™ is a complete solution, delivered to the customer configured and ready for use. It’s simple Web-based management interface allows anyone within the organization to manage the device cloud without specialized training or tools.

Unlike public device clouds, deviceConnect’s installation inside an enterprise’s corporate infrastructure makes it highly secure. In addition, its location behind the corporate firewall makes it easy to install and manage. The solution can be remotely maintained with new releases pushed to the customer. Housed in a compact mobile cart, deviceConnect™ takes up a fraction of the space in a data center that other on-premises solutions occupy. This turnkey solution consists of a server, which runs the deviceConnect™ software, and a rack available in multiple configurations to accommodate large quantities of mobile devices, each of which has a hard wire connection to the cart’s server.

Bringing order to the mobile testing chaos

Enterprise test devices are often misplaced, locked in a desk drawer over the weekend or accidentally taken with associates on vacation. When a particular mobile device is needed to test an app and that smartphone or tablet is missing, testing is delayed. Considering the pressure and aggressive time lines enterprise developers and testers are working under to get high quality apps deployed, missing devices create a major stop gap in the application testing process.

“By streamlining and automating the inventory management of QA’s test devices, deviceConnect solves this problem while also providing QA with an almost immediate ROI, because it improves tester productivity and efficiency. The solution also minimizes the increasing complexity associated with managing and tracking multiple tester locations, devices, platforms and operating systems,” says Mobile Labs CEO Don Addington. “While deviceConnect was built with enterprise testing organizations in mind, the benefits extend to departments outside of QA. There are many departments within large companies that can use

deviceConnect to manage mobile devices, including marketing, sales and customer support organizations.”

According to Cap Gemini and Sogeti’s fourth annual World Quality Report, “a troubling two-thirds of organizations (65%) do not have the right tools to test mobile applications and equally concerning is the 52% who do not have access to the required devices.”

Mobile Labs solves both of these problems with its solutions. Trust automates functional and regression testing for mobile applications while deviceConnect™ enables access to the right devices at the right time. With deviceConnect™, testers can remain 100% focused on the testing process, helping to speed apps from development to end user deployment.

Mobile testing starts by plug ‘nd play

Testers will find it easy to locate an appropriate, available device, and administrative functions support controlling access to authorized users. Devices are easily made available simply by plugging them in to a USB cable, and administrators can control which devices are available for use. Once a device is selected, it can be used for manual testing or for object definition, script development, and automated-script testing.

Our Trust™ tool includes support for hybrid web apps and mobile websites including HTML5 support. Testers using the latest version of Trust can automate iOS and Android apps that use embedded web controls as well as stand-alone mobile websites that use standard HTML or HTML5. User-interface actions such as scrolling, swiping, selecting, and dragging are supported. Full support of remote manual-testing gestures includes flick, fling, tap, long tap, double tap and pinch and zoom. In addition, testers can remotely simulate device rotation via deviceConnect™, enhancing their capability to thoroughly test mobile app functionality whether manually or through Trust automation.

Support for HP Quicktest Professional and Unified Functional Testing automation tools

Our deviceConnect™ product offers the ability of test automation via HP QTP/UFT. Our Trust™ tool comes with a HP-certified add-in allowing native object-based scripting and lets testers interact with individual native mobile objects, their properties and methods rather than a single app-view or page-view. Through direct, on-device interaction with the mobile app under test, Trust facilitates automated object definition by providing a precise inventory of objects and properties directly to QTP’s Object Repository.

For iOS and Android applications, testers no longer have to manually define objects with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), X/Y or image scanning. Testers can leverage their existing QTP skill set and experience by using the same tools to define objects and the same scripting language used by QTP when developing scripts for mobile apps.

Test automation engineers have the ability to use one single QTP script for both iOS and Android devices installed in deviceConnect, testing the same application on multiple devices running a different operating system and version of the operating system.

For more information on Mobile Labs deviceConnect™ and Trust™, please visit our website dedicated to these mobile testing tools: http://mobilelabsinc.com/mobile-app-testing-solutions/

For an in-depth explanation of our complete solution feel free to check out our video right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QmUduJ0GkY

To follow Mobile Labs, visit the Mobile Labs blog http://mobilelabsinc.com/category/blog/, follow us on Twitter via @mobilelabsinc and like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/mobilelabsinc.

About Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs is a leading provider of end-to-end mobile application testing solutions for the enterprise. Its private, internal device cloud, deviceConnect™, delivers comprehensive management capabilities for mobile devices in corporate test labs. The patent-pending technology is internal to a company’s worldwide infrastructure, providing highly secure access to and management of the entire inventory of test devices across major mobile platforms.

deviceConnect™ supports both manual and automated testing on real devices without jailbreaking or rooting. Test automation is provided via Mobile Labs Trust™, a solution architected to tightly integrate with the industry’s leading automated testing platform. Trust is an automated, cross-platform solution that helps ensure application quality across multiple mobile platforms. Trust enables enterprises to deploy fully tested, high quality mobile applications faster. For more information, please visit our website at www.mobilelabsinc.com

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