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Mobile Messaging Market Intelligence Centre Reveals the $160 Billion Opportunity for Operators & Messaging Vendors

by Anthony Weaver

Hampshire, UK – 6th June 2023: Juniper Research [1], the foremost
experts in global messaging markets, launched today the telecom
industry’s most comprehensive mobile messaging research subscription;
designed to provide operators and vendors with the clearest and deepest
view of the opportunities developing within this $160 billion market.

Mobile Messaging Market Intelligence Centre

Several leading operators and messaging vendors are already benefitting
from the unparalleled insights offered by the Mobile Messaging Market
Intelligence Centre [2], which includes:

  * Highly granular data and forecasts – Over 400,000 statistics,
covering 60 countries and 8 key regions, accessible online or via
interactive Excel spreadsheets.
  * Industry insights – Market and trend analysis, matched with analyst
commentary, opinion and strategic assessment.
  * Competitive analysis – Competitor appraisals and market positioning
for over 50 vendors via the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard.
  * Complete sector coverage – Trusted research reports covering A2P
Messaging, CPaaS, and OTT Business Messaging.

Market-leading Research for Market-leading Innovators

Juniper Research offers unparalleled client support to subscribers of
the Mobile Messaging Market Intelligence Centre [3]; including the
ability to work with Juniper Research’s expert messaging analysts and
leverage extensive market data and forecasts for key sectors such as:

  * A2P Messaging
  * CPaaS
  * Mobile Messaging
  * OTT Business Messaging
  * RCS Business Messaging
  * SMS Firewalls

All subscribers enjoy complimentary access to _harvest_, an intuitive
online data platform that allows users to explore, analyse and compare
market data across sectors and countries. Updates are made quarterly,
keeping track of the latest market developments.

Tony Crabtree – Founder & CEO commented: “_Emerging technologies,
unpredictable SMS pricing and new monetisation models from OTT providers
are causing substantial disruption to established mobile messaging
strategies. This new subscription offers a vital roadmap for
stakeholders, providing them with the tools to understand and identify
threats and opportunities, make smarter decisions, and gain competitive

The new Mobile Messaging Market Intelligence Centre offers the most
cost-effective use of an organisation’s budget; delivering
enterprise-wide licencing, expert support, and quarterly forecast
updates at an unbeatable price. To learn more, visit the website [4] or
contact the team to request a sample pack or personal demonstration.

Juniper Research [5] provides research and analytical services to the
global hi-tech communications sector; providing consultancy, analyst
reports and industry commentary.

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