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Mobile Operator Payment Field Test

by david.nunes

Mobile Operator Payment Field Test

In collaboration with DIMOCO, author Maik Klotz tests the innovative payment method in Germany

Germany, 24 October 2013 – Following the first mobile payment field test in the retail sector, the mobile payment expert and author Klotz continues testing mobile operator payment. From 28 October to 31 October the sectors infotainment, entertainment, ticketing and software & tools in Germany will be scrutinized. The test, based on practical, everyday examples, aims to examine mobile payment methods to purchase digital content. This practical test will be supported by the mobile payment provider DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu. The company, connected to numerous European network operators, processes payment transactions via mobile operator billing.

„Everyone is talking about mobile payment but how is it actually used in daily life to purchase digital content, and how does mobile operator billing really work? We’ll have the results in a few days,“ says mobile payment expert and author Maik Klotz about his new project. „His first field test in the retail sector has shown us that Maik Klotz is our man. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with him in this project,“ adds DIMOCO CEO, Gerald Tauchner.

Mobile Operator Payment Undergoes Field Test in Germany

Author and mobile payment expert Maik Klotz tests mobile operator payment in Germany. The innovative payment method is used to pay for digital content via the mobile operator’s bill. Under the motto „every day a different sector,“ Maik Klotz tests a another content segment every day. In the period 28 to 31 October he will therefore be scrutinizing the infotainment, entertainment, ticketing and software & tools sectors.

First test results will be available 28 – 31 October 2013 daily on twitter:



The complete test report will be published after the field test:


Second field test for Maik Klotz

Maik Klotz already carried out a mobile payment field test back in August/September 2013. Under the motto „14 days without cash or a debit card,“ Klotz tested mobile payment via smartphone apps and NFC in retail outlets.

About Mobile Operator Payment

Mobile Operator Payment is a payment method by which consumers can pay for their purchases via their wireless service providers‘ invoices. While the term mobile payment generally applies to the cell phone or smartphone payment process, with possibly very different transaction partners in the background, mobile operator payment specializes in billing via the wireless service providers. A number of studies has shown that this type of billing is the fastest growing mobile payment segment when it comes to purchasing digital goods.

About Maik Klotz

Maik Klotz is Head of New Business at one of the biggest software companies in Germany. He is focused on financial apps and services. Maik writes for several online magazines about Mobile Payment, Mobile Wallet and Online-Banking. He is a design thinker focused on the end user. Twitter: @klotzbrocken


DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu was founded in 2000 and has become one of the leading international mobile payment and messaging providers today. With its connections to network operators, the infrastructure provider is a competent partner for businesses wishing to process their SMS and mPayment transactions via DIMOCO’s networks.


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