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Mobile Operator Payment Provider DIMOCO expands to more countries

by david.nunes

Mobile Operator Payment Provider DIMOCO expands to more countries:

Now Russia, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain can be billed


Brunn am Gebirge, 30 January 2012 – Mobile Operator Payment provider DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.org has expanded its network of countries. As of immediately, business customers can bill their digital content via DIMOCO in the Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish markets. With this expansion, the mobile transaction hub operated by DIMOCO now includes 19 countries in which the company provides billing via the cellular operator to approximately 583 million mobile subscribers. DIMOCO has specialized in billing micro amounts via cellular network operators, and is one of the leading providers in the industry today.


“Our country expansion now includes, for example, the Russian cellular phone network, which is one of the largest in the world. This will offer our customers some very exciting business opportunities,” announces Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO, pleased with the development of his mobile payment business, adding: “With this expansion, we now reach an additional 313 mobile subscribers. We’re well on the way to achieving global coverage with our DIMOCO hub. “


Mobile Payment Transaction Hub now with six additional countries

DIMOCO operates, develops and markets a mobile payment transaction hub whereby connections to mobile operators are bundled and provided to business customers to bill their digital and virtual content. While the processing of mobile messaging transactions is already possible worldwide, the mobile operator payment connections are being continuously and successfully expanded. The DIMOCO mobile payment transactions hub therefore includes 19 countries with around 583 million mobile subscribers.

The current expansion has added the Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish markets for a total potential of 313.2 million subscribers. The DIMOCO mobile payment transaction hub now comprises 19 countries with a total of approximately 583 million mobile subscribers.


DIMOCO’s development in the mobile operator payment business

DIMOCO is one of the most important operators of a mobile payment transaction hub in Europe. Recently the company has announced a 261 percent increase in the mobile payment transaction volume in the virtual goods sector (cf. Sept. 2010 and 2011). Thanks to continuous technological development and the creation of new business models, mobile operator payment has become one of the most popular forms of micro payment billing. The advantages lie first and foremost in the huge mobile population, easy operability (simple payment method, no additional registration is required) widespread user acceptance and, as a result, a high conversion rate. Companies such as online media, app developers, online dating provider or those in the new business areas (browser games, social networks) and many more have come to appreciate the benefits of this fast and simple billing method.



DIMOCO was founded in 2000 by the brothers Gerald Tauchner and Roland Tauchner. The company operates in the fields of mobile payment and messaging. Besides its head office in Brunn am Gebirge, DIMOCO has a number of foreign subsidiaries and branch offices. Today DIMOCO has a total of 60 employees. For a detailed market overview please visit: http://www.dimoco.at/en/markets/mobile-payment/ For more information about DIMOCO, please visit http://www.dimoco.at/en



Ms. Margit Anglmaier; DIMOCO – Direct Mobile Communications GmbH

Campus 21, Liebermannstraße A01/405; A-2345 Brunn/Gebirge

Tel: +43/1/33 66 888-2059; E-Mail: m.anglmaier@dimoco.at ; http://www.dimoco.at 




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