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Mobile operators bring the fight to WhatsApp and Viber

by david.nunes

Mobile operators bring the fight to WhatsApp and Viber

SINGAPORE, 9 April, 2013 Singapore-based e-horizon has delivered a new generation of products to a mobile operator in Asia, including a new type of app innovation called a mobile soft device. What distinguishes a mobile soft device from traditional communication apps is full integration with the core mobile network, which allows mobile operators to provide completely new types of services to subscribers.

A mobile soft device allows mobile operators to provide VoIP and messaging services that are superior to what is provided by Internet-based smartphone call and messaging service providers. The mobile soft device works in a similar way to well-known Internet services when the user is connected to the Internet, but has the added end-user value that you can communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere, independently of whether you have Internet access or not. This is an example of value that the mobile networks bring to the end users and that Internet-only applications cannot achieve.

The services provided by the e-horizon mobile soft device under the Junyverse brand is the mobile operator response to deteriorating revenues and margins due to Internet-based call and messaging services that also increasingly load the mobile data networks without generating revenue. End users are given an additional mobile phone number connected to their existing devices, as well as new services and features, such as the ability to control and minimize their phone bills.

“Some operators initially tried to block services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, but with our Junyverse mobile soft device we provide mobile operators with a solution that turns the OTT market trend from threat to an opportunity”, says Mr Anders Berglund, CEO of e-horizon Pte Ltd.

Junyverse also provide mobile operators with a completely new way of distributing mobile services and acquiring new subscribers. The new services are distributed over app stores rather than using traditional operator sales channels. This increases market access and eliminates the traditional physical SIM card distribution cost. Using virtual SIM cards rather than physical SIM cards is expected to be a significant change for the mobile industry.

Today (April 9, 2013) XOX Sdn Bhd officially launched the Junyverse services in Malaysia under the local brand name “Voopee-XOX”. The mobile services are provided through the Celcom network. Malaysia has over 30 million mobile subscribers, all of which now are potential Voopee-XOX virtual SIM subscribers on top of their existing SIM card subscriptions.


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