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Mobile Operators Present Initial 5G Requirements

by david.nunes

Mobile Operators Present Initial 5G Requirements

Frankfurt, Germany – 16thJune, 2014

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance presented end-to-end requirements for 5G at its NGMN Forum meeting in June. Leading global Operator, Vendor and Research representatives gathered to review the initial results of the Alliance’s 5G initiative and to give guidance on the way forward.

Earlier this year, the NGMN Board – CTOs from 20 leading international operators – had made the decision to focus the future NGMN activities on defining the end-to-end requirements for 5G in an industry White Paper. A unique, global initiative with a team of more than 100 experts is now working on the definition of these consolidated operator requirements intended to support the standardisation and subsequent availability of 5G from 2020.

The NGMN Forum this month attracted 5G experts and strategists of all leading global NGMN Operator, Vendor and Research Partners for the review of the initial results of the 5G initiative. During the event, the team laid outtheir viewpoint of a vision for 2020 and beyond in terms of industry environment and use cases. This viewpoint on the business vision built the basis for the following presented technology requirements, architecture design principles and spectrum guidelines. The audience appreciated the comprehensiveness and high quality of the initial findings, and gave guidance on the content.

The NGMN Forum will be the starting point for a close collaboration of all NGMN Partners in the work of the initiative for the further development and refinement of the final NGMN 5G White Paper.

“The 5G initiative achieved to present an early view on its vision for ‘2020 and beyond’ and the 5G Operator expectations in terms of technology performance and capabilities”, said Rachid El Hattachi, SVP, Deutsche Telekom AG and Steering Committee Chairman of the NGMN 5G Initiative. “The Forum feedback will serve as an extremely valuable input to guide our team’s work on the requirements in the upcoming months.”

“The high attendance level and the in-depth discussions in the NGMN Forum again reflects the importance of the upcoming 5G White Paper”, said Peter Meissner, CEO of the NGMN Alliance. “We are now looking forward to further align with all our industry and research partners establishing 5G targets for the successful long-term future of our industry”.

About NGMN Alliance (www.ngmn.org)

The NGMN Alliance was founded by leading international network operators in 2006. Its objective is to ensure that the functionality and performance of next generation mobile network infrastructure, service platforms and devices will meet the requirements of operators and, ultimately, will satisfy end user demand and expectations. The NGMN Alliance will drive and guide the development of all future mobile broadband technology enhancements with a focus on “5G”. The targets of these activities are supported by the strong and well-established partnership of worldwide leading operators, vendors, universities, and successful co-operations with other industry organisations.

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