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Mobile operators: use CEM business insight to delight your best customers #1GBperday$

by david.nunes

Mobile operators: use CEM business insight to delight your best customers #1GBperday$

  • New near real-time business insight helps to prioritize capacity, network decisions
  • Enables value-based profiling of the best customers to strengthen loyalty with personalized offers

Nokia Siemens Networks is extending its Customer Experience Management (CEM) portfolio to enable operators to pinpoint their best customers by service and location. With this insight, operators can focus on boosting the satisfaction of those customers who bring in the most revenue. The new capabilities are also a powerful way to counter the rising risk of churn, which has swelled to 39% across all markets and subscriber groups, an increase of more than 20% in one year according to Nokia Siemens Networks’ 2013 Acquisition and Retention Study Report.*

Nokia Siemens Networks has enhanced its CEM on Demand** portfolio to provide a near real-time business view of service consumption trends. This view enables an operator to prioritize where it matters most: on customers who bring in the highest revenues.

The study results also indicated that heavy users in mature markets are willing to spend more for special services or superior network quality. Therefore, knowing the most profitable customers, network locations and services enables an operator to prioritize its resources to reduce churn, raise service uptake and maximize the return on its network investments.

“This new business perspective is a compelling addition to the current reactive methods of identifying high-value customers, which generally lack real-time data. In addition to an unmatched understanding of the network, services, devices and care, operators can now measure the precise impact of those customers who generate the highest spend and take more effective action to delight them,” said Lassaad Essafi, head of customer insight and experience, Nokia Siemens Networks.

To deliver the full value of the CEM portfolio, Nokia Siemens Networks’ Professional Services*** support network planning, architecture, software and product integration, and CEM optimization.

For more information on Nokia Siemens Networks’ CEM portfolio, follow this link. To share your thoughts on the topic, join the discussion on Twitter using #1GBperday, #CSPCX  and #mobilebroadband or the industry discussion on Linkedin CSPCX-Group.

About Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is the world’s specialist in mobile broadband. From the first ever call on GSM, to the first call on LTE, we operate at the forefront of each generation of mobile technology. Our global experts invent the new capabilities our customers need in their networks. We provide the world’s most efficient mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize the value of those networks, and the services to make it all work seamlessly.

With headquarters in Espoo, Finland, we operate in over 120 countries and had net sales of approximately 13.4 billion euros in 2012. http://www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com


*The 2013 Acquisition & Retention Study Report from Nokia Siemens Networks is based on the results of 8,700 interviews of customers in mature markets (Denmark, South Korea, Japan, UK and US), in-transition markets (Brazil, Colombia and Russia) and emerging markets (India) during the second half of 2012.

**Nokia Siemens Networks’ Customer Experience Management (CEM) offering is an end-to-end approach that helps operators analyze, act upon and monetize the wealth of customer data available across their organization. CEM draws customer insight data from multiple sources, including the network, service and device performance, real-time subscriber experience and operator services. It enables data collection and consolidation to improve the user experience. This helps operators support end-user demands at the right time and the right place, increasing the individual communications experience for every single customer.

***Nokia Siemens Network’s Professional Services help operators maximize CEM value for their unique networks by ensuring their operational processes are driven by Experience Indicators rather than KPIs. Our Professional Services experts help operators become CEM-powered organizations by: integrating the different customer experience management modules, sharing CEM insights across the organization, and turning these insights into action by improving the metrics reported by Customer Experience Management tools through service optimization and service management.

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