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Mobile payment is booming on the internet

by david.nunes

Mobile payment is booming on the internet

DIMOCO has positioned itself as a mobile transaction provider in the CEE region

Brunn am Gebirge (Austria), 28. February 2011. DIMOCO – a mobile payment solution provider for content providers – has recently re-positioned itself to focus on providing and running a mobile payment and messaging transaction hub for its customers.

With this realignment, the target customer group has also expanded to include mobile payment solution providers. These so-called Payment Intermediaries operate their own business hubs for commercial customers. DIMOCO runs all the technical connections in the background for these new customers, acting as the commercial and contractual interface to the mobile operators and offering access to the mobile infrastructure in the CEE countries. DIMOCO’s expertise and experience with the legal and regulatory provisions in these markets has proved a winner. The reason for this repositioning is the rapid growth of the mobile industry, the development of new market segments in the Internet and the mobile web, where mobile payment is the preferred payment method. An additional consideration was DIMOCO’s decision to concentrate fully on its core competencies.

“Today we expect a rapid growth in mobile payment sector of about 400 percent in the next 4 to 5 years. The main part of this growth will take place on the Internet, where more and more users handle their purchases of digital and virtual goods via their mobile phone bill. Our new positioning is a logical consequence of that”, explains Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO Chief Executive Officer, adding: “The difference is, from now on we will be supporting existing mobile payment providers – while they concentrate on the payment solutions they offer, we work in the background, providing access, business development, and advice on the country-specific regulations and opportunities”.

Virtual and digital goods are billed via mobile phones

Numerous studies have shown that mobile payment is the fastest developing area in the mobile segment. Virtual and digital goods, above all, are the driving force behind mobile payment: For example, mobile payment is essential for browser games. Small sums and ease of use favor payment via the cell phone.

DIMOCO is focusing on the trend and has positioned itself as the Mobile Payment and Messaging Transaction Partner

DIMOCO is focusing on the mobile trend – mobile payment for ordering digital and virtual goods – and supports existing mobile payment providers in implementing their services. The Mobile Transaction Hub designed by DIMOCO merges all mobile connections, offering maximum benefit to its customers: direct connections to the mobile network providers, efficient and secure services and in-depth knowledge of the individual markets.

Network coverage: Mobile Transaction Hub reaches 264 million consumers
The Mobile Transaction Hub, which merges the connections to the mobile networks, gives companies access to a comprehensive mobile network in the CEE countries. In real terms this means currently about 13 countries, 45 mobile network providers and around 264 million customers can be reached on the phone.

Benefits of the Mobile Transaction Hub

After many years of experience DIMOCO has acquired extensive knowledge of the individual markets. All mobile payment methods offered by the mobile network operators such as MT billing, MO billing, Web and WAP billing and other features are supported by DIMOCO and marketed to the Payment Intermediaries. Standardized interfaces and streamlined processes make DIMOCO’s infrastructure quickly accessible to its customers.


DIMOCO – Direct Mobile Communications was founded in the year 2000 and is now one of the leading mobile transactions partners. The main business areas are mobile payment and messaging. Both areas are designed for commercial customers. DIMOCO has numerous international subsidiaries and employs a staff of approximately 60 at its Head Office in Brunn am Gebirge. DIMOCO offers network connections in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia and Macedonia. For specific information on the respective markets please visit DIMOCO’s website http://www.dimoco.at/en/markets/

Press contact:

Margit Anglmaier; DIMOCO – Direct Mobile Communications

Campus 21, Liebermannstraße A01/405, A-2345 Brunn / Gebirge

Tel: +43/1/3366888-2059, e-mail: m.anglmaier@dimoco.at; http://www.dimoco.at

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