Mobile Payment Transactions Expert DIMOCO:

“The increased use of the mobile web makes direct operator billing the ideal payment method”


Brunn am Gebirge, 24. October 2011 – Over the past two years, direct operator billing – i.e. effecting mobile payment transactions using network operators’ billing infrastructure – has become the ideal payment method for digital content in the mobile web, states mobile payment transaction expert DIMOCO. This has been confirmed for DIMOCO in the “Mobile Web Watch Report” 2011, commissioned by Accenture and carried out by the market research institute Forsa. According to this report, 19.5 million users in the German-speaking countries are already surfing the mobile web: 42 percent in Austria, 44 percent in Switzerland and 28 percent in Germany.


“But we’re not only seeing this trend in the German-speaking countries,” points out Gerald Tauchner, CEO of DIMOCO. This is why the company, with its DIMOCO Hub, has specialized in processing mobile payment transactions in the Central and Eastern European countries as well as processing mobile messaging transactions worldwide. Billing digital content on the internet, in particular, has turned out to be the biggest growth driver.


Rapid increase in the number of mobile web users

According to the consultancy company Accenture, the mobile development is based on three key factors: end devices and technology, services and applications as well as user and usage behavior. For example, the transition from click to touch technology on cell phones i.e. smartphones and the prevalence of mobile broadband service have been the driving force behind the rapid increase in the number of mobile web users. In total, 19.5 million users in the German-speaking countries are surfing the mobile web, with Switzerland leading (44%) followed by Austria (42%) and Germany (28%).


Direct Operator Billing is ideal for the mobile web

“Payment via the mobile operator’s phone bill is particularly suited for purchasing digital goods while surfing on the mobile web, and when it comes to very small amounts,” says Tauchner, referring to the Gateway Billing Service recently presented in Austria. With this billing service, companies can flexibly invoice their consumers for digital content purchased on the web using the mobile operator’s billing system. “The consumers surf the mobile web, choose their digital content, click through the simple order process and authorize the payment through their mobile operator’s bill.”


In view of these trends, DIMOCO is stepping up its efforts to continue optimizing the market conditions for web content payment by means of direct operator billing in the Central and Eastern European countries.  The CEE mobile payment transaction partner DIMOCO developed and operates a hub that directly connects with the network operators’ billing systems. DIMOCO’s customers benefit from the easy service setup and transaction processing.



DIMOCO develops, operates and markets a mobile messaging and payment transaction hub. In this “hub” DIMOCO bundles connections to mobile network operators in Central and Eastern Europe as well as connections to messaging hubs around the world. With these connections, DIMOCO provides business customers with an opportunity to transact their SMS messaging services as well as operating mobile operator payment services – i.e. billing digital content via the consumers’ cell phone invoices. To ensure fast and simple connections to the transaction hub, DIMOCO provides interfaces optimized for the requirements of each individual customer group. Currently, mobile payment customers can reach more than 260 million end customers via DIMOCO and in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia. For more information about DIMOCO please visit



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