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New mobile consumer trend model addresses need for reliable mobile consumer data and forecasts

29 November, 2011 – mobileSQUARED today announces the launch of Mobile Consumer Trends (MCT) – the dynamic database which provides granular data and forecasts on consumer usage habits towards the mobile internet, mobile apps, mobile commerce, opt-in marketing, and mobile advertising reach and engagement – into the US market.

MCT provides campaign-critical information for any company developing a mobile strategy by offering 18-month rolling forecasts identifying the actual number of mobile consumers active in each area – searchable by device type, gender, age, geography, income and ethnicity. The data also is searchable by subscribers or subscriptions – providing companies with the complete US mobile landscape for the coming years as they look to effectively develop a mobile strategy.

The database contains historic information going back to 4Q2009 and is updated every quarter with proprietary market research and consumer survey information conducted by mobileSQUARED’s research partner – Lightspeed Research.

The US version of MCT will be unveiled during the access: mobile Roadshow US event at the Academy of Sciences in New York City on December 7th. (Details of how to attend and sign up for this free event, can be found at the bottom of this release.)

“There is a lack of forward-looking data when it comes to mobile consumers which means companies looking to develop a mobile strategy have had to use old, or historical, information which can often be redundant given the fast-changing mobile space, and the whimsy of consumers,” says Gavin Patterson, Chief Markets Analyst, mobileSQUARED. “Now, any company looking to develop a strategy around next year’s Olympics, will know exactly what their addressable audience will be and will create a much clearer ROI for their strategic planning.”

“The MCT database has been an immense assistance to us in developing even better mobile strategies for our clients – the data is invaluable and gives a clear indication of the direction the market is taking,” said Alex Meisl, Chairman, Sponge Group. Using the new database,

mobileSQUARED is able to highlight the following information in the US:

• A total of 314.59 million subscriptions across the US by end 4Q2011, rising 4.2% to 327.8 million by end 4Q201

• There will be 33.6 million iPhones in the US by end 4Q2011, representing 10.7% of the total active subscriptions

• iPhone growth of 28% next year to 43 million, with Android devices growing 64% from 49.1 million to 80.5 million

• Total smartphones across the US (including BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows, Bada, etc) will number 117.9 million end 4Q11 and 155.6 million end 4Q12

• In 4Q2011, mobile advertising will reach 11.7 million smartphone users in the West

“At the time of the London Games next July, there will be around 151 million mobile internet users, and about 140.6 million app users in the US, that’s a sizeable audience to try and connect with,” added Patterson. “MCT US shows that about 85 million mobile users in the US will be reached by mobile advertising at this time.”

To sign up for Roadshow US and experience Mobile Consumer Trends US, please click here.

About Mobile Consumer Trends

Mobile Consumer Trends is the culmination of extensive, ongoing mobile market research with the latest, nationally-representative consumer data. Our ground-breaking database provides accurate forecasts on consumer behaviour and usage trends towards the mobile internet, mobile apps, mobile advertising, opt-in messaging and mobile commerce and is designed to assist mobile advertising agencies and networks planning mobile strategies for themselves or their clients. For more information, please click here.

About access: mobile Roadshow US

Free to attend event with speakers from AT&T, Microsoft, MIG, MTV, adsmobi, Impact Mobile, bango, adfonic, Hoopz, 3M, InMobi, Gage, DigitalSunray Media, Motorola, SinglePoint, TigerSpike, Isobar, somo and Stratemerge. The Roadshow US brochure can be downloaded by clicking here, and more information can be found on our website here.
To register directly for this event, it takes 20 seconds max, simply click here and enter your name and email and use the promotion code m2roadshow11.

About mobileSQUARED

mobileSQUARED provides specialist research which enables brands, agencies and the mobile industry to increase engagement with the mobile consumer. We conduct primary research on the mobile industry and mobile consumers, with a focus on delivering exclusive forward-looking data on mobile device usage, mobile web, app and commerce trends and usage, and mobile advertising responsiveness to help clients identify and respond to fast-changing mobile trends. And for a wider view of the industry, we provide detailed mobile industry user and revenue forecasts.

Our clients look to mobileSQUARED’s expertise to provide candid insight into the mobile market. We do this using our extensive global network of senior contacts to research, collect and collate the latest data, developments, trends and insight on an ongoing basis.

For further information please visit http://www.mobilesquared.co.uk

For more information please contact: mobileSQUARED Becci Price +44 (0) 118 977 6902 or +44 (0) 118 979 5610 becci@mobilesquared.co.uk

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