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Mobilethink and Qelp Help TDC to Cut Smartphone Costs

by david.nunes



Device management vendor and smartphone customer care company combine to slash TDC’s rising customer care costs when troubleshooting smartphones in its 3G and 4G networks


Mobilethink (http://www.mobilethink.com), a world leading mobile device management and device intelligence vendor, and Qelp (http://www.qelp.com), a leading provider of multi-channel, interactive customer care for smartphones, today announced that they have teamed up to provide TDC, the leading Danish telecommunications company, with the means to slash its rising customer care costs when troubleshooting smartphones in its 3G and 4G networks.


According to analyst firm Heavy Reading’s 2011 February survey of 55 wireless service providers worldwide, the volume of smartphone-related support calls is nearly double that of feature phones. The survey also revealed that the average cost of supporting smartphones is up to 50 percent more than feature phones, and that more than half of incoming calls are not resolved by the call centre representative who handles the initial call – further driving up costs.


Due to an increasing uptake of smartphones and the roll out of 4G networks, TDC decided to strengthen the focus on its self-care offering in order to increase customer satisfaction and stop rising costs. Following due diligence into market options, TDC chose to expand its cooperation with device intelligence provider, Mobilethink. By joining forces with new business partner Qelp, Mobilethink is able to offer picture-based, smartphone support services that are seamlessly integrated with TDC’s existing cloud-based device management system (DMS) from Mobilethink.


No other offering was found to provide similar value when it comes to providing a coherent user experience, unique search engine optimization and enriched statistics says Mette Lech of TDC’s Market Communication division and continues, “The Mobilethink-Qelp combination of OTA device configuration and picture-based guides is a huge differentiator in TDC’s ability to attract and maintain customers in the booming smartphone market. This highly-intuitive integrated solution is unique compared to what else is available in the market, specifically options for multi-channel smartphone support at phone stores and on-device, as well as Google SEO optimisation to drive traffic to our website.”


With the accelerating shift in the industry towards cloud-based managed services and the inevitability of low-cost, customer self-care releasing resources from operators’ call-centres, TDC is again demonstrating its reputation for taking timely action in protecting business profitability from rising costs,” stresses Brian Risbæk, Key Account Director at Mobilethink.


“We believe this is the beginning of an excellent partnership given TDC’s legacy as the incumbent, market telecommunications leader in Denmark and the high adoption rate of smartphones in its market,” said Wouter Deelman, CEO and founder of Qelp. “We are delighted that TDC has selected the joint Mobilethink-Qelp solution for customer self-care, and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with TDC and Mobilethink for several years to come.”


Mobilethink has been TDC’s DMS provider-of-choice since 2004, and this latest development underlines TDC’s trust in cloud-based services as the most cost-efficient and reliable choice of modern telecom companies.


About Qelp

Qelp is the leading provider of multi-channel customer care solutions for smartphones. The company provides picture-based customer care tools for easy integration in a mobile operator’s website, call centre, retail stores and on-device, while converting traffic from search engines and social networks. Mobile operators worldwide use Qelp to design the customer’s online experience, thereby reducing smartphone support costs, increasing revenues per user, and strengthening customer satisfaction.


Founded in 2005, Qelp is a privately held company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Follow Qelp on Twitter or learn more at http://www.qelp.com.



About Mobilethink

Mobilethink A/S is a world leading mobile device management and device intelligence vendor and has provided mobile operators with its industry leading solutions for more than a decade. A customer-centric and AAA rated enterprise, more than 100 mobile operators have used Mobilethink’s solutions to manage data of about 250 million subscribers in more than 35 countries around the world. Visit www.mobilethink.com.


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