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Mobilethink Expands Device Configuration Commitment in Asia

by david.nunes

Mobilethink Expands Device Configuration Commitment in Asia


Strengthening its leadership in global mobile device support and management, Mobilethink A/S (www.mobilethink.com) today announces further commitment to the APAC region by the opening of a local presence in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The rationale behind this strategic development is that a further 40 device manufacturers from the Asian region have entered into test certification agreements with Mobilethink over the past two months and a strengthened regional presence will enable the firm to better engage with them and others and to track their product development roadmaps.


Mobilethink’s test agreements enable device settings to be added to its growing database so that local carriers can provide automatic Over-the-Air connectivity as users of these new devices penetrate their networks.


The total number of device manufacturers now in test agreements with the firm is 120. Its highly-technical testing procedures manually certify configuration options available for each device model, notes the specifications and releases the device with a valid commercial model name in the device databases available to customers. This means that the quality of the data is much higher than the GSMA information available from other vendors and forms an important part of Mobilethink’s competitive advantage.


Mobilethink’s database now contains specifications for over 7,600 different devices and can recognise over 80,000 uniquely certified GSMA identification device codes.


“Mobilethink recognises the need to think global and act local and this is the rationale behind the opening of our new Indonesian office,” says Tine Anette Soerensen, chief of development and devices. “Our Indonesian presence will facilitate relations and logistics with emerging device manufacturers in the region.”


About Mobilethink

Mobilethink A/S is a world leading mobile device management (MDM) vendor and has provided mobile operators with its industry leading solutions for more than a decade. A customer-centric enterprise, more than 100 mobile operators use Mobilethink’s solutions to manage data of about 250 million subscribers in more than 35 countries around the world. Visit www.mobilethink.com.


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