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Mobistar goes live in Brussels with 4G

by david.nunes

Mobistar goes live in Brussels with 4G

Brussels – 14 May 2014. Today, telecom operator Mobistar is officially launching its 4G network throughout the territory of all 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. Mobistar guarantees an outdoor coverage of

96 %. In addition, Mobistar is also offering in Brussels a significant coverage of 53 % inside buildings. Mobistar confirms herewith its strategy of officially opening the 4G network in new cities only when an indoor coverage of more than 50 % can be guaranteed. The quality of the 4G network in the Brussels-Capital Region will progressively improve as soon as the implementing decrees for the 6v/m standard can be implemented.

More than 60 % of Mobistar customers who today have a 4G compatible device and a data tariff plan use mobile data in the Brussels-Capital Region, and they will be the first to experience the excellent quality of the 4G network. The official launch in the Brussels-Capital Region took a certain time because of the region tight emission standards, the strictest in the world, which limited the radiation emitted by the antennas to a maximum of 6 volts per metre. It should be recalled that the World Health Organization proposes a standard of 42.6 volts per metre. Within the current regulatory limits, Mobistar can nevertheless today already offer almost 100 % coverage, thanks to its use of the 800 MHz frequency. In order to comply with the regulations, Mobistar limits the transmission power. As soon as the implementing decrees for the 6v/m standard can be put into effect, the quality of the 4G network in the Brussels-Capital Region will progressively improve

Best 4G coverage

For the Brussels-Capital Region Mobistar provides a 4G coverage outdoors of 96 % and 53 % inside buildings. These high coverage figures are possible thanks to the use of the 800 MHz licence that Mobistar purchased in November of last year. The 800 MHz frequency allows a better coverage to be achieved within buildings. Of the three available licences, Mobistar bought the one with the most demanding coverage obligations, including in rural areas of Wallonia, thus confirming its ambition to develop Belgium´s best 4G network.

Importance for the citizens, the governments and the economy of Brussels? Having a broad and high-quality 4G network in the European capital is a matter of great importance. For example, 4G contributes directly to greater safety for citizens. The bandwidth and speed of the 4G technology make it possible to provide the dispatching of the MIVB/STIB and our security services with the live camera images from the public transport system 10 times faster and in higher resolution, thus enabling them to intervene more efficiently? notes Brussels Minister Brigitte Grouwels, responsible for Public Works, Transport, Regional and Communal IT.

In the rankings of so-called ´smart cities´, Brussels scores less well than other European capitals, such as London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg. Smart cities are those that are at the cutting edge in terms of innovation, digital infrastructure, mobility and sustainable energy. A high-quality 4G network is a first step in the right direction for turning Brussels into a ´smart city´ as well. “After we launched public WiFi in the Central Square of Brussels, I delighted by the arrival of Mobistar´s 4G network”, says Yvan Mayeur, Mayor of Brussels.

Thanks to Mobistar´s 4G network, private customers as well as tourists will be able to surf, play games and upload film clips faster in Brussels. Moreover, the company is certain that, with its 4G network, it is ready for the future. Thanks to the continuous network investments, Mobistar is ready to handle the increase in mobile internet traffic.

Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Ericsson and digital champion: super-fast internet will ensure that even more people join the digital society, and it’s been shown that people who are active on the internet and possess the necessary e-skills can benefit from it greatly: for example, they can find a job or a new house more quickly.

Paul De Knop, rector of the VUB, is also positive about the way things are advancing: for professors and their students, fast and reliable internet is indispensable. A good mobile internet connection allows us to innovate and reflect on new ways for transmitting knowledge.

And finally, attracting foreign investors to the capital of Europe is of vital importance for the business world, and telecommunications and mobile broadband via a high-performance 4G network are indispensable for doing this.

4G of the future

Today, all Mobistar customers enjoy 4G coverage in 338 cities and municipalities. The national 4G coverage of the Mobistar network amounted today 56 % of the population. By the end of this year (Q4), Mobistar will be providing a national 4G coverage of 84 % of the population. The 4G coverage will be equal to that of 2G by the end of 2015. Offering the 4G network with the best quality and an excellent customer experience are strategic priorities for Mobistar. We will continue to invest in our network so as to be able to easily handle the increasing data traffic? says Jean Marc Harion, CEO of Mobistar.

About Mobistar

Mobistar (EURONEXT BRUSSELS: MOBB) is one of the main actors on the telecommunications market in Belgium and Luxembourg. The company offers its residential customers postpaid and prepaid innovative mobile telecom products and services. On the business market, Mobistar operates DSL fixed network telephony and high-speed internet, acts as an integrated communications provider and offers a portfolio of mobility and connectivity services. Mobistar is also a wholesale provider, offering access to its infrastructure and service capabilities to its wholesale partners. Mobistar, with the Orange group as major shareholder, is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

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