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Monaco Telecom enters the movie business

by david.nunes


Partnership with Doremi Labs will lead to films getting broadcast faster

Monaco Telecom (MT), the Monaco business of Cable & Wireless Communications, has partnered with one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital film technology to offer movie studios a faster, lower cost method of producing digital films.

With movies increasingly shot in digital format, production and storage costs are a growing problem. Digitally shot films can be up to 80 terabytes (TB) in size (expected to increase to 200TB for high definition and SD movies), requiring film production companies to have large servers and powerful computers in order to edit together different scenes and then store the finished product. Furthermore, there are up to 60 specialist roles needed for film post-production requiring considerable expense for studios to bring in workers, who could be based anywhere in the world, for short periods of time.

Highlands Technologies Solutions, part of Doremi Labs, one of the world’s leading providers of digital film technology, has developed a new product called MyAsset to address those problems and reduce the cost and time of producing films – meaning that they will get into cinemas faster.

Using cloud-technology, MyAsset enables films to be mastered (the editing of sound and picture quality) in their entirety from any internet-enabled computer. MT will host the platform and store all footage from pre and post-production in its secure data centres.

The first organisation that will use MyAsset is Luc Besson’s Cinema City in Paris, the largest studio complex in France.

About the Cloud

Cloud solutions provide remote access – via a telecommunications network – to computer resources stored in secure data centres. They can benefit businesses by reducing the cost of housing and maintaining computer servers on company premises as well as enabling authorised users to access data from multiple internet-enabled devices.

About Cable & Wireless Communications

Cable & Wireless Communications is a full-service communications business. We operate leading communications businesses offering mobile, broadband and domestic and international fixed line services in most of our markets as well as pay TV, data centre and hosting, carrier and managed service solutions. Our operations are focused on providing our customers – consumers, businesses, governments – with world-class service. We are the market leader in most products we offer and territories we serve. For more information visit www.cwc.com. Page 2 of 2

About Monaco Telecom

Monaco Telecom is Monaco’s only full service telecoms operator and is strongly committed to providing residents of the Principality with the latest services and high quality customer service.

In Monaco we are the leading provider of mobile services and sole provider of fixed line, broadband and pay TV.

Our international strategy is to work with partners to build high quality mobile, broadband and satellite services in emerging markets and the Mediterranean region. We have successfully partnered with national mobile operators in Kosovo and Afghanistan to provide network infrastructure and operational support (GSM, data, international voice, management of traffic and roaming, specific country code).

For more information, please visit: http://www.monaco.mc

About Highlands Solutions Technologies

Highlands Technologies Solutions is a new entity created by Doremi Technologies, a company based in Sophia-Antipolis. Doremi Technologies, established in 2001, has so far provided more than 17,000 servers in cinemas in Europe to allow their migration to digital cinema halls. In France, 4,600 of the 5,400 cinemas use these servers.

Highland Technology Solutions was established in late 2012 to develop new solutions to the film industry, the first development project aims to provide managed solutions based preservative specialized clouds.

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