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Monitoring and multiviewer solution from Rohde & Schwarz to support newly approved standards within SMPTE ST 2110 suite

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At IBC 2017, SMPTE announced the approval of its first standards within the SMPTE ST 2110 suite. The 2110 suite specifies the transport, synchronization and description of professional media over managed IP networks in realtime. Live interworking between different vendors based on ST 2110 was the focus of the IP Showcase at IBC 2017 where Rohde & Schwarz participated with its IP-based R&S PRISMON monitoring and multiviewer solution for broadcast and streaming media. The company will present its solution at SMPTE’s Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Hollywood from Oct. 23 to Oct. 26, 2017, at booth 216 in the Ray Dolby Exhibit Hall.

Munich, October 6, 2017 — The current SMPTE ST 2110 suite is a key prerequisite for flexible, efficient definition and implementation of broadcast workflows in IP-based environments. The R&S PRISMON A/V content monitoring and multiviewer solution from Rohde & Schwarz features a fully software-based, modular system architecture. This clever design feature allowed R&S PRISMON to be quickly and flexibly adapted while the ST 2110 draft was still evolving into its now final version, a result of ongoing standardization work as well as pre-NAB and pre-IBC live plug-tests. Now with first parts of the ST 2110 suite formally approved by SMPTE, R&S PRISMON will also officially support these important specifications in its next software update scheduled for Q4/2017.


In the vision of a fully IP-based broadcast infrastructure with flexible, on-demand definition and implementation of (virtualized) workflows, SMPTE ST 2110 constitutes the essential foundation for transport layers. However, key building blocks on higher layers (e.g. for capability and connection management) are still under development or in the draft phase. R&S PRISMON will therefore continue to actively participate in this important standardization work on topics such as future live interworking plug-tests, etc.


R&S PRISMON is an IP-based convergent monitoring solution for broadcast and streaming media/OTT. It offers multistandard support for unmatched versatility e.g. SDI, SDIoIP, AIMS/SMPTE 2110, TSoIP, OTT upload/download, etc. Its future-ready, fully software defined architecture enables innovative, powerful monitoring functions such as LiveQM and Content Compare. The solution features an orchestration-ready design for dynamic and flexible resource allocation in virtual environments. R&S PRISMON is available both on scalable IT hardware platforms and for cloud deployments.


For more information, see www.rohde-schwarz.com/prismon.

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