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Moov extends its offer Moovpasseport to two new destinations

by david.nunes

A key player in the telecom sector, Moov has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the principal/leading telecom operators.

The Moov brand, present in 6 African countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Togo, Niger, Gabon, and the Central African Republic) is now 100% owned by its Emirati shareholder, Etisalat. With the entry of Etisalat in the capital, Moov has now become part of an international group present in 18 countries with a portfolio of over 100 million subscribers. Moov is taking advantage of this partnership by offering its customers even more attractive offers.


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About the Moovpasseport Offer


Moov remains faithful to its policy of constantly offering more to customers by expanding its offer Moovpasseport which now extends to two new destinations *: the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The brand allows customers to enjoy all the benefits related to roaming. Moov reaffirms its vision of a global and unlimited coverage.

This Moov/Etisalat inter-subsidiary roaming offer allows customers to benefit from competitive pricing whether they go on pilgrimage to Mecca, travel to Dubai for shopping, or travel for business within the West African region.

Moovpasseport is:

– A pricing of 200F/min for calls to the country of (the caller’s) origin to all networks

– A pricing of 200F/min for calls in the country visited to all networks

– The first minute is free in reception, for the first 5 calls of the day

A cost of connection is fixed at 300 FCFA per call for all calls originating from the United Arab Emirates.

The customer benefits from all the services offered by Moov, when roaming (making outgoing and ingoing calls, sending and receiving SMS/MMS, access to voicemail, call forwarding and internet navigation).

The operator indicates that the Moovpasseport offer is available to both pre-paid as well as post-paid subscribers. To take advantage of the offer, post-paid subscribers need to ensure that they have subscribed to roaming services in their country of origin. Pre-paid customers need only take one step – they have automatic access to the service as soon as they enter the country they travel to. Pre-paid subscribers can recharge their accounts internationally by using any of the 3 following options :

Transfer of credit (emoov)

Recharge for a friend

Using credit recharge cards in the country of origin

Moovpasseport is an assurance that you will always be connected when travelling internationally. You no longer need to change SIM cards to take advantage of/benefit from a unique pricing scheme adapted perfectly to your budget.

*Note : in addition to current destinations: Benin, Côte d’Ivoire¸ Niger, Nigeria, République Centrafricaine and Togo.

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