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Morpho and Simartis Telecom present “Bubble”:

by david.nunes

Morpho and Simartis Telecom present “Bubble”:
a context-driven, marketing solution for mobile network operators

Paris, November 15, 2011

Morpho (Safran group) and Simartis are continuing their successful partnership in the launch of innovative solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). At Cartes & IDentification 2011, they are presenting the revolutionary SIM-based mobile marketing enabler “Bubble,” winner of the highly competitive CARTES SESAMES contest in the “Best Banking / Retail / Loyalty Application” category.

Expanding the successful X-Menu product line, Bubble is a SIM- and server-based solution that offers MNOs a new way to display promotional messages when a mobile phone is in a customer’s hand. With Bubble, MNOs deliver relevant offers to subscribers, linked to the customer’s use of a phone. These features will boost the response rate to promotions, as they are customized in keeping with the last action that a customer performed with his or her phone. Bubble can be integrated into an MNO’s analytical customer relationship management (ACRM) system to provide customized offers which are more relevant to individual subscribers and are not perceived as unsolicited messages.  
Bubble offers MNOs more control over the context display of promotional offers for a variety of mobile devices on the market. It is delivered on affordable Java™ SIM card technology and features virtually unlimited Over The Air field deployment due to its small SIM footprint.

MNOs now have an affordable alternative sales channel for their various customer sectors, delivering increased rates of consumer response compared to traditional bulk SMS campaigns. It is ready for commercial launch.
About Morpho

Morpho, a high-technology company in the Safran group, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of identification, detection and e-document solutions. Morpho is specialized in personal rights and flow management applications, in particular based on biometrics, a sector in which it is the world leader, as well as secure terminals and smart cards. Morpho’s integrated systems and equipment are deployed worldwide and contribute to the safety and security of transportation, data, people and countries.  
Through its e-Documents Division, Morpho is a pioneer and a global leader in the smart card industry. It develops and implements cutting-edge technology to turn the vision of unbounded mobile communications and integrated digital security into a reality. The Division’s portfolio includes hardware, software, consulting and services, all focused on smart cards for the benefit of consumers and providers in the telecommunications, health, identification and banking areas.
For more information: www.morpho.com/e-documents     www.safran-group.com  

About Simartis
Simartis offers innovative services and applications for the telecommunications market. The company is headquartered in Romania and is the country’s leading provider in this field. www.simartis.ro

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