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Morpho provides Iusacell with quality of service solution to monitor customer experience

by david.nunes

Morpho provides Iusacell with quality of service solution to monitor customer experience

Barcelona, February 26, 2014

Morpho (Safran) today announced that it is providing Iusacell, a Mexican mobile network operator and key player, with Latin America’s first active USIM-based network and device quality of service (QoS) monitoring solution. It will feature Morpho’s SIM technology and Wadaro’s unique monitoring solution, TAP (Total Analysis Package).

Iusacell will use TAP to crowd-source network and mobile device KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that reflect the subscribers’ experience of their network. In nearly real time, Iusacell will measure and analyze coverage, device and call performance and implement corrective actions in order to improve their end customers’ experience.

Morpho and Wadaro partner to deploy TAP to deliver turnkey solutions across Latin America. Morpho and Wadaro provide the solution expertise, the hosted reporting service, technical support and the delivery of the solution embedded in the USIM.

“Iusacell, by investing in cutting-edge technology and using this innovative solution, will continue to guarantee optimized service, monitoring it from the customer’s end. We can now rapidly identify problem locations and improve the quality of our services for the benefit of our subscribers,” said Adrian Steckel, CEO of Iusacell.

Philippe d’Andréa, Executive Vice President at Morpho Business Solutions Division, commented: “The successful deployment of TAP marks a huge milestone for Morpho as it is the first in Latin America. This is a major advantage for our customers because it offers the ability for mobile network operators to proactively detect network problems early.”


About Morpho

Morpho, a high-technology company of Safran, is a global leader in security solutions. The company employs more than 8,400 people in 40 countries and reported revenues of 1.5 billion euros in 2013. Morpho’s unique expertise lies in providing cutting edge security solutions for government identity, public security, critical infrastructure, transportation and business markets. Morpho is the world leader in multibiometric identification technologies, biometric identity documents, Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) and Explosives Detection Systems (EDS). It is one of the leading suppliers of SIM cards, smart cards, trace detection equipment and gaming terminals. With systems operating in more than 100 countries, Morpho’s solutions simplify and secure the lives of people around the world.

For more information: www.morpho.com www.safran-group.com

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About Iusacell

Iusacell, is a nation-wide mobile and internet provider in Mexico, with cutting-edge technology such as the 4G network. Iusacell provides a wide range of telecommunications services, including long distance calls, local wireless telephony and data transmission.

For more information about fees and contracts, visit www.iusacell.com.mx

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About Wadaro
Founded in 2005, Wadaro is the world
s leading provider of Network Experience Monitoring that uses crowd sourcing as a method of acquiring mobile network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly from each and every subscriber on a network.  Based in the U.K., Wadaro markets and operationally delivers their TAP (Total Analysis Package) product globally.

For more information: www.wadaro.com

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