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Most Comprehensive Version of SpeechStorm Mobile eXperience (MX) for iPhone and Android Launched

by david.nunes

Most Comprehensive Version of SpeechStorm Mobile eXperience (MX) for iPhone and Android Launched

Jackson version of company’s voice and mobile framework released with greater mobile functionality to improve mobile-to-contact center experience

Belfast, 31 July 2014 – Leader in voice and mobile customer experience, SpeechStorm, (www.speechstorm.com), has today launched the most comprehensive version of its Mobile eXperience (MX) app for iPhone and Android, as an integral part of the new ‘Jackson’ release of the company’s SpeechStorm Framework.

SpeechStorm MX is designed to help organisations reduce call volumes, make more efficient use of resources and improve customer experience by combining effective self-service and contact center interactions through the mobile devices in their customers’ hands.

This latest version of SpeechStorm MX provides a comprehensive platform for the design and configuration of mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices based on a ‘low-code/no-code’ approach.  This allows complete customer service applications to be created and deployed through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, dramatically reducing the time to market for new and improved apps. 

SpeechStorm MX also includes out-of-the-box functionality for common self-service functions, which, studies show, account for up to 60% of calls to contact centres.  Providing customers with the information they require at their fingertips reduces the need for them to call the contact centre, resulting in significant savings for the organisation.

For more complex queries, SpeechStorm MX ensures that customers can access the help they need with minimum fuss. When a call is connected from within the app, the advisor is provided automatically with the caller’s details and context from the mobile app, so there is no need to repeat information or go through tedious identification and verification steps before giving the customer the help they need.

A further positive customer experience aspect of SpeechStorm MX is that once the app has been downloaded it automatically refreshes, ensuring the customer always has the latest version without them having to go back to the Apple AppStore or Google Play for an update.

SpeechStorm MX can be used to configure and deploy complete customer service apps for iPhone and Android, either standalone or in conjunction with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution from SpeechStorm.  Organizations can also choose to embed self-service and contact centre connectivity from SpeechStorm MX with their own native apps built using other tools, or incorporate custom functionality from separately-developed apps into apps delivered using SpeechStorm MX.

About SpeechStorm – www.speechstorm.com
SpeechStorm® helps organizations of all sizes make everyday tasks easier for their customers. We provide Personalized IVR, Secure Payments, Voice of the Customer and Mobile eXperience solutions that reduce waiting times for customers and reduce call handling times in the contact center. Our solutions are quick to implement and easy to manage, putting the business in control of the customer experience.

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