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Motorola Solutions Delivers Reliable, Trusted and Secure Communications for a Safer Pará, Brazil

by Brenda Lafeuillee

Advanced mission-critical communications system connects public safety agencies across Pará to enhance emergency management and better protect the community

Chicago – November 10, 2021 – The Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SEGUP) of Pará, Brazil, has chosen Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) to modernize its mission-critical communications to connect all public safety agencies across the country’s second-largest state, Pará. The deployment is part of the “Speaking for all Pará” initiative that is focused on equipping Pará’s public safety and government agencies with Motorola Solutions’ advanced APCO P25 radio technologies to enable faster, more effective emergency response to reduce crime and better protect the region’s eight million citizens.

Pará’s diverse landscape, spanning more than 1.2 million kilometers, from populous cities to the remote and dense Amazon rainforest, presents unique challenges for emergency services that further highlight the criticality of reliable and trusted communications for frontline workers. Now, public safety agencies can rely on effective coverage, management and dispatch at mission-critical communications standards, whereas previously, their communications were limited to commercial networks.

Motorola Solutions’ APCO P25 network design is focused on making sure Pará’s first responders and personnel are seamlessly connected with reliable, secure and resilient communications across hundreds of kilometers statewide. The solution, which includes 2,000 APX900 portable radios and 23 repeater stations, will enable critical interoperability between the state’s different agencies, including military and civil police, military firefighters, prison site services and traffic agents. All integrated on one network, teams across agencies will be able to coordinate their everyday essential services, as well as quickly mobilize and scale to respond to large events.

“We have already reaped benefits in the first phase of the project with greater operationality in our police actions benefiting the North and Northeast regions of Pará, and later we will have full coverage of the State”, says Lieutenant Colonel Odiney Nogueira, head of the Information Technology and Telecommunications Directorate (Ditel). “With Motorola Solutions’ technology we are now able to extend the reach of our communications to levels we have never even imagined.”

“Integrated, clear and secure communications are essential to fight crime and keep communities safe, especially in a state as large as Pará where resources must be managed efficiently to provide services where they are needed most,” says Elton Borgonovo, territory director, Motorola Solutions Brazil. “The State of Pará has a clear mission to protect its citizens and we’re proud to work as their partner and deliver the technology to help make Pará a safer state.”

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