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Moving on with mobile – the challenge of success

by david.nunes

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Europe I 2014
12th March 2014

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As mobility continues to permeate all aspects of our lives, more issues come to light. Much of the focus is now on mobile applications. Not only new, but existing applications are ‘mobilised’ – and it is not easy. They may be ‘native’, mobile website, HTML5 apps or hybrids. It seems that the Internet world has taken on mobility as the way to go, and go it does… We just can’t do without our mobiles – in high altitudes (Inflight) and in unhospitable terrains (ruggedized equipment), and of-course, in the shopping centres (NFC coupons and m-commerce), when working from home (BYOD) or on the move.

Mobility allows us to keep working in any situation, and the spread of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace means that business and leisure are blurred. The real impact of this on the enterprise is now unfolding, in terms of security breaches and collaboration working (file sharing). Consumer equipment and software have to change, to allow compartmentalisation of business and personal data, and applications should be ‘wrapped’ with corporate policy, so that corporate data is safe while users can still enjoy their own data without interference.

The network infrastructure is undergoing constant change. Now that LTE is rolling out, many operators are concerned that the additional speed will not be sufficient for the huge demand.  Speed is the great differentiator now, so speed is what they seek. The seek it in any type of optimisation – from video delivery to the underlying TCP, from selecting access in a multi-service WAN, to more efficient antennas, and soon enough by implementing virtualisation and efficient Cloud access.

The impact of all this on the management system is immense. Provisioning of BYOD users is different and redesigning price packages for them is just one aspect. Provisioning of UICC SIMs for LTE now involves on-board facilities, such as WiFi, GPS and NFC, as well as enhanced security authentication. Friendly and reliable provisioning is key to subscribers’ experience, and this is particularly important with the rising competition, so CRM systems should also be ‘mobilised’, delivering feedback instantaneously, directly to staff mobiles. There – we have come a full circle – everything is mobilized, for the GO generation.

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Europe I 2014
Europe I 2014
Moving on with mobile – the challenge of success
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Rebecca Copeland



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