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mPowa fronts payment partnership kick

by david.nunes

mPowa fronts payment partnership kick


Partnerships being forged throughout the banking and ecommerce sectors are making credit and debit card payments easier, more flexible and more mobile.

At the forefront of the trend is the growing number of partnership deals being struck between mobile payment firms such as mPowa, and partners in banking, telecoms and retail. Such deals open channels for firms to offer additional value and services to their customers and so there is currently a rush among these partner companies to offer the latest mobile payment technology to them.

British tech company and mobile payment solutions innovator Powa has signed two major multi-million pound international deals within six months of its launch. Last October it signed the largest deal in its sector worldwide to supply its devices and payment infrastructure to First National Bank in South Africa. Hot on the heels of this deal it signed a breakthrough agreement with Portugal Telecom, which was the first of its kind in Europe.

Under both these deals, mPowa will white label its service to its partners. It will be this approach that the company says will propel it further into other markets such as Asia to secure new large scale deals.

The company was founded by serial tech entrepreneur Dan Wagner, who has built globally leading companies on predicting the next big technical innovation a number of times previously in his business career. The service which mPowa offers allows companies to accept mobile credit and debit card payments on the go anywhere, by transforming any smartphone or tablet across all platforms into an electronic till.

Dan Wagner, CEO of Powa, said, “Mobility is not an optional bolt-on to traditional retailing, it is the future of commerce. Retailers, irrespective of their size, no longer wish to be enslaved to old fashion ‘fixed’ methods of accepting payment. All those who facilitate trade, including banks and telecos, are waking up to this fact and are finding that by allowing their trade customers to accept mobile payment, they can facilitate billions of potential transactions across the globe.”


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About Powa Technologies (www.powa.com)

Powa is an omni-channel eCommerce and web publishing platform for retailers and manufacturers and was created by multi award-winning serial entrepreneur Dan Wagner.

mPowa provides the infrastructure and technology for retailers and manufacturers to take payments using mobile devices in the physical world and has since become a heavyweight player in the mobile payments industry. mPowa’s PowaPIN is a point of sale device that enables credit and debit card payments to be taken on the go. It consists of a mobile phone app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Blackberry devices, and a card reader. The reader is an innovative Chip & PIN device which connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth.

Previously, Dan established Venda – the world’s largest ‘on demand’ ecommerce provider – and Locayta – sophisticated search and profiling technology – both are now global leaders in their fields.




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