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mTrust chooses Encap’s software-based authentication solution

by david.nunes

mTrust chooses Encap’s software-based authentication solution


Financial services authentication made simple, seamless and secure with Encap


Oslo, Norway, 15th February 2012 – Encap today announced that electronic service platform vendor, mTrust, has selected its software-based, two-factor authentication and digital signing solution. Encap’s technology will be integrated into mTrust’s BSP (Basic Services Platform) which offers a range of payment, identity and authentication services to financial institutions and other service providers. mTrust is the first partner to integrate Encap’s full suite of authentication and digital signing solutions.


The mTrust BSP platform offers a portfolio of advanced electronic services including:

·         TrustIdentity (advanced shared sign-on based on Open ID standards)

·         TrustSign (online and mobile document signing such as account opening)

·         TrustPay (internet and mobile payments)

·         TrustBox (secure digital document storage)


Financial institutions (and other service providers) using mTrust’s services supported by Encap will be able to offer consumers a simple, seamless and secure authentication environment that works across all platforms – PC, mobile or tablet – and via the Cloud. Consumers use their personal mobile device and a PIN to provide secure access and digital signing.


Benefits for financial institutions include:

·         In-App authentication is bank-branded to provide a seamless consumer experience

·         Increased adoption of high value mobile services by removing barriers to use

·         Establish non-repudiation for higher value transactions by using binding digital signatures

·         Simple integration with back-office and CRM systems 

·         Device, system and operator network independence

·         No capital investment and much-reduced operational expenditure

·         No need for costly and complicated provisioning programmes. What normally takes weeks, takes hours


“In today’s post-PC world it’s vital to give consumers a simple, secure and seamless way to pay for goods and services as well as sign documents using smart devices,” said Lubo Pozgay, CTO & Managing Director, mTrust. “By working with Encap we can help our customers deliver a better and richer user experience to its consumers while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.”


“We believe authentication can be a significant differentiation point for financial institutions. Our software-based technology provides an intuitive and mobile friendly process that is familiar to consumers,” says Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO of Encap. “We’re delighted to be working with mTrust to provide authentication and digital signing services to financial institutions and other service providers around the globe.”



About Encap

Encap provides simple software-based, two-factor authentication and digital signing for the enterprise and banking sectors.


Encap represents a revolutionary new approach to authentication for the post-PC era. It replaces hardware and one time password authentication solutions such as tokens, card readers, SIMs and SMS with a mobile client linked to a smart device. Easy, quick and convenient for users, Encap creates a familiar, intuitive authentication process that works across all platforms – PC, mobile or tablet – and via the cloud.


Encap’s unique patented software delivers a ubiquitous security solution that is scalable, easy to integrate and requires no capital investment.


Based in Oslo, Norway, Encap’s world class management team has an unrivalled pedigree in mobile banking, finance, enterprise and remote access security. The Encap solution is approved by the Norwegian Banks’ Standardisation Office and used by major banking institutions, enterprises and technology integrators.


For more information visit: www.encapsecurity.com  


About mTrust

mTrust is a Slovak company dedicated to development of new possibilities for using mobile phones. Its first success was the completion of the pilot release of mTrust BSP (in 2010) and services built on this platform. A full commercial release of the new mobile phone services with Encap’s solution integrated is planned for Q1 2012 (Currently running beta testing along with mTrust’s sibling company mTrust TSM – Trusted Services ecosystem provider in Slovakia). mTrust has developed mTrust BSP with a complete portfolio of basic electronic services, where  the mobile phone plays significant role.


As of now, the portfolio of basic electronic services consists of TrustIdentity (Advanced shared sign on and identity provider), TrustSign (Text over the phone and instant over the web document signing), TrustPay (Bank account direct mobile payment) and TrustBox (Enhanced, role based secure  Data box).


For further information, please visit www.mtrust.eu    


Contact for Press:

Daniel Lowther                                                        


T: +44 7747 636 687                                                

E: encap@ccgrouppr.com                                          


Sarah Wilson           


T: +44 7817 630794

E: encap@ccgrouppr.com


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