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MVNO República Móvil Adopts Tweakker’s Patented Cloud and Embedded Smartphone Co

by david.nunes

MVNO República Móvil Adopts Tweakker’s Patented Cloud and Embedded Smartphone Connectivity Technology

With one quarter of all customer care calls being connectivity-related, the Spanish MVNO aims to substantially cut customer care call costs by embracing Tweakker’s technology

Mobile device connectivity specialist Tweakker (www.tweakker.com) today announces that MVNO República Móvil (www.republicamovil.es) is the latest Spanish mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to embrace its cloud-based and on-device embedded app service for smartphones entering its newly created network.

By selecting the connectivity market leader’s service, the MVNO expects to cut its customer care costs by at least 20%.

República Móvil brings a new approach to the Spanish mobile communications industry and believes that it will ultimately change the national telephony landscape and customer relations in Spain with mobile businesses. Singularly, República Móvil gives its customers the opportunity to become an integrated part of the business, sharing the success of the company and receiving monthly benefits as a result.

Under its unique business plan, República Móvil will give customers 0.5 cents to 1€ per month for every friend and every friend of his/her friend who signs up for the MVNO service with no time or number of people limits, provided that they continue to use the República Móvil network.

Central to this business model is ensuring the ultimate customer experience when joining the service and instant out-of-the-box connectivity for devices entering República Móvil’s network.

República Móvil chose Tweakker’s cloud-based and embedded iOS app technology because of its global outreach and device coverage. No other mobile device connectivity vendor has such a comprehensive database of settings including those of smartphones.

“About one quarter of all customer care calls relate to connectivity issues and each costs República Móvil about $15,” says Cosme Primo de Rivera Oriol, República Móvil’s E-commerce & social networks director. “With an ambitious user acquisition plan of 1.5 million subscribers by end 2014, that represents a substantial cost overhead in network operations and can be substantially reduced by teaming with Tweakker.

“And that’s why Tweakker’s connectivity service is must-have for any agile and ambitious MVNO.”

“Cloud-based automatic connectivity services are fast becoming de facto business solutions for MVNOs in global markets,” adds Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker’s CEO. “By adopting Tweakker’s cloud solution and having access to the world’s largest database of device connectivity settings, República Móvil will be able to better serve its customers and reduce customer care costs by up to 20% in the process.”

Tweakker’s connectivity database is the largest in the world. It now supports devices used in more than 1,000 networks in 200 countries and its cloud-based and embedded iOS app configuration service is fundamental to the daily operations of millions of mobile users.


About Tweakker

Tweakker is a business partner for MVNOs and OEMs and provides them with cloud-based and embedded app solutions enabling their mobile customers to access the largest database of phone guides and videos available on today’s market. By enabling mobile users to quickly download their favourite settings and bookmarks to enjoy the full functionality of their new or replacement phones, pick up of new Internet services increases by 50% and customer care costs are reduced significantly. Tweakker is a 100% affiliate company of Mobilethink A/S. Visit www.tweakker.com.

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