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my-Channels announces Nirvana 7 for high speed, ultra-low latency Unified Messaging

by david.nunes

my-Channels announces Nirvana 7 for high speed, ultra-low latency Unified Messaging


·         Platform upgrade adds multicast delivery for ultra-low latency client-server and server-server communications

·         Includes new MQTT messaging support for Machine to Machine and “Internet of things” communications

·         Shared memory driver enables intra-host message delivery

·         “Early access” version now available for free-of-charge download, testing and evaluation


London, 25 January 2012 – my-Channels, the developer of secure multi-platform unified messaging solutions that power some of the world’s top tier financial platforms, today released the “early access” version of Nirvana 7, the new edition of its market-leading unified messaging platform, Nirvana. Nirvana 7 is available to my-Channels customers and non-customers alike to download, test and evaluate for their unified messaging needs.


The upgraded Nirvana 7 platform incorporates significant new functionality and increased performance – including support for both multicast and shared memory delivery modes, low-bandwidth Machine-to-Machine (M2M) messaging, and expanded support for the broadest range of leading industry messaging and Internet standards. With Nirvana 7, enterprise customers benefit from improved ultra-low latency, higher messaging throughput, and simpler, more flexible integration and configuration for their unified messaging (UM) needs.


New features for Nirvana 7 include ultra-low latency multicast functionality for inter-host communications and a new shared memory communications driver for intra-host communications. Nirvana’s multicast support scales massively to support high numbers of clients and message throughput rates while delivering sub-50 microsecond latency. Nirvana’s shared memory driver can sustain many hundred of thousands of messages per second throughput with sub 5 microsecond latency.


Nirvana 7 also sees the addition of support for the MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) messaging standard. With MQTT support, Nirvana 7 enables low-bandwidth, low-power M2M communications to drive an “Internet of things” made up of connected devices. The MQTT standard is ideal for M2M communications where conserving both bandwidth and battery power are a priority, such as for “always on” connected devices and mobile applications.


These new features mean Nirvana 7 is now uniquely positioned as the only unified messaging solution that supports the broadest range of leading Internet and messaging standards and protocols across Enterprise, Web and Mobile platforms.


my-Channel customers and non-customers can test and evaluate Nirvana 7 and its new features free-of-charge by downloading it here.


For more details of Nirvana 7’s technical specifications, please read the latest my-Channel online blog here.



About my-Channels
my-Channels is a leading software company and the developer of Nirvana, a secure multi-platform standards-based unified messaging solution that powers the world’s top tier financial platforms.


my-Channels has a proven track record of over a decade of delivering innovative, secure and scalable unified messaging solutions for the world’s largest financial institutions to stream real-time data quickly and securely between Enterprise, Web and Mobile users.

With headquarters in London, and offices in Athens and Sydney, the my-Channels team has unparalleled credentials and is expert in the field of messaging.


Customers: my-Channels Nirvana is the leading messaging solution for investment bank trading platforms. Tier 1 and Tier 2 global financial institutions use my-Channels Nirvana as their streaming solution of choice. Nirvana powers four of the world’s top eight FX platforms by market share and is used by FX trading platforms that command over 40% share of the global FX market.


Product Features: my-Channels Nirvana provides ultra low latency messaging across a wide array of delivery channels including all of the mainstream Enterprise, Web and Mobile platforms via both unicast and multicast modes of delivery. Delivering future-proofed real-time messaging across Enterprise, Web and Mobile my-Channels Nirvana includes support for many open standards including JMS, AMQP, MQTT, HTML5 WebSocket.




Media contacts:
Sandhya Shyam / Alex Sowden
T: +44 (0)207 033 2660
E: mychannels@dimoso.com


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