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MYCOM OSI enables predictive NOC/SOC with new proactive & preventative solutions

by david.nunes

MYCOM OSI enables predictive NOC/SOC with new proactive & preventative solutions

Assures customer experience and network efficiency through proactive early warning systems, automation and customer-centric operations

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – 24th February 2016 MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced new solutions to help CSPs take their Network Operations Center/Service Operations Centers (NOC/SOC) to a higher level of capability that significantly improves customer experience, cost and efficiency.

Traditionally, Operations Centers have mostly reacted to network faults and degradations, with a focus on minimizing their reaction and recovery time to network incidents. More recently Service Operations Centers have increasingly incorporated measures of quality-of-service delivered by the network into their incident management processes in an attempt to be more services-centric and therefore more relevant to customers’ real experiences.

The next generation of NOC/SOC Operations Centers proactively predict degradations, rather than passively reacting to them, which allows CSPs to fix them before customers become aware of them – or avoid them altogether – which improves customer experience and reduces churn. However, CSPs have not typically been able to deploy predictive capabilities due to significant technical challenges associated with the immense volumes of disparate data types, the complexity, scale and change of network technology and the speed of analytical processing required to make it work.

MYCOM OSI has introduced new solutions that help CSPs implement a proactive and predictive NOC/SOC including: Wireless Traffic and Capacity Solution that continuously monitors network traffic and checks for evolving, anomalous and uncharacteristic patterns, and Parameter Auditor Solution that continuously checks parameters and configuration data of network elements against benchmark values to detect unplanned changes. Both systems monitor the network end-to-end to act as an early warning system.

These new solutions add to MYCOM OSI’s Solution Catalogue which also covers other key capability areas that define a new generation of NOC/SOC that not only increases the speed, efficiency and accuracy of operations but also anticipates and avoids problems before they happen. MYCOM OSI’s Next Generation NOC/SOC Solutions include capabilities that provide:

  • Proactive and preventative operations that continually sample service assurance data streams, identify trends and patterns, and automatically applies preventative measures based on learned intelligence. Solutions include Wireless Traffic and Capacity Analyzer™ and Parameter Auditor™
  • Customer-centricity that applies the context of customer and service value to every network and service operational process to prioritize activities based on business objectives and value. This helps manage metrics and expectations around specific Service Level Agreements with corporate customers. Solutions include Wireless Corporate Customer Impact™, Value-based Prioritization™ and Ethernet Virtual Connection Analyzer™
  • Guided diagnostics that hide high complexity and increase efficiency through preset best practices to help operational centers manage more complex degradations and transfer knowledge from the most skilled engineers who may not be available 24/7. Solutions include Worst Cluster Analyzer™ and Mobile Backhaul Analyzer™
  • Automation that encodes operational processes in to programmable – open or closed-loop – workflows to reliably, consistently, and autonomously act on recognized patterns. This relieves valuable operator resources on time-consuming, repetitive and complex tasks. Solutions include Service Assurance-driven NFV Orchestration™ and Special Event Management™

“As CSPs address macro-industry trends around virtualization, digital/IoT services and customer experience, they need fast, agile and cost-effective operations centers to optimize network and service quality and customer experience. They must also evolve to support new technologies and business initiatives,” commented Dirk Michel, VP Solutions, MYCOM OSI. “MYCOM OSI NOC/SOC solutions support a CSP through NOC-to-SOC transformation and add customer-centricity and orders of magnitude improvements with guided diagnostics and automation. But perhaps most important of all, they prevent degradations in the first place through a proactive, intelligent early-warning system.”

MYCOM OSI’s Next Generation NOC/SOC Solutions are part of its Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) blueprint, launched earlier this week, that addresses the challenges CSPs face in managing Customer Experience, evolving to Network Virtualization and delivering Digital/IOT services. Both MYCOM OSI’s EAA blueprint and NOC/SOC Solutions utilize its Assurance, Automation and Analytics product portfolio that include:

  • MYCOM OSI ProInsight™ network analytics solution that dynamically integrates business Big Data into network processes to deliver customer-centric network planning and operations
  • MYCOM OSI ProActor™ programmable open- or closed-loop policy control and automation solution that can execute very complex business policies in areas such as Customer Experience Management, network planning and design, or network operation and optimization 
  • MYCOM OSI ProAssure™ digital services quality management platform that monitors and identifies service performance degradations in near real-time and provides root cause analysis so as to resolve potential issues before customers’ digital experiences are impacted.
  • MYCOM OSI PrOptima™ converged (Fixed/IP/Mobile) Service and Network Performance Management solution with out-of-the-box support for multiple technologies, domains, and equipment vendors across access, backhaul, core, and service networks
  • MYCOM OSI NetExpert™, a proactive incident management system that alerts and rectifies faults and outages, much before their impact reaches the customer


MYCOM OSI is a leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to Tier-1 CSPs including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Maxis, Sprint, STC, Telefónica, Telenor, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone. Its telecom-centric solutions, which include Performance Management, Fault Management, Service Management, Automation/Orchestration, and Network Analytics: create intelligence out of billions of disparate data across vendors, technologies and domains; align network, service and customer teams; empower users with flexibility and autonomy from vendors; deliver efficiency through automation/orchestration capabilities. MYCOM OSI is headquartered in London UK, has 250+ staff worldwide and has been 100% focused on telecom networks for 25+ years.


Further information about MYCOM OSI can be found at www.mycom-osi.com. Follow us on Twitter @mycomosi or our LinkedIn company profile


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