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Nanotron’s Child Safety Solutions Convinces Leading Public Sector Representatives in China

by david.nunes

Nanotron’s Child Safety Solutions Convinces Leading Public Sector Representatives in China




Innovative CLOPS technology sparks interest at the China Theme Park Expansion Summit in Shanghai.


Berlin, September 15, 2011 – Nanotron Technologies, the leading developer of Child Loss Protection Solutions (CLOPS), has successfully presented its portfolio of CLOPS products to public sector representatives – major theme park developers and investors – at the China Theme Park Expansion Summit 2011 in Shanghai. Being one of only seven companies at the summit to directly and exclusively present new theme park solutions, Nanotron triggered significant interest for its innovative “CLOPS protect” and “CLOPS find” products. Both Nanotron products have been developed to prevent children from getting lost in public places – such as theme parks, shopping malls, playgrounds, hotel premises, train stations, airports and other crowed or secluded places. A majority of the operators of public places present at the event expressed their interests to utilise the Nanotron products in their current projects.




Dr. Jens Albers, CEO of Nanotron, commented: “As an international provider of loss protection solutions, we are very pleased with the great interest our CLOPS products received from operators of public grounds in China. Our child loss protection solutions are beneficial to all operators of grounds and venues that are difficult to overlook.”




In addition to protecting children, the solutions can be offered to visitors as an extra service. In this way, they help enhance the image of a theme park whilst simultaneously assisting the operator to create additional revenue opportunities. This is a main topic for many of China’s Theme Park Operators, who mostly rely on admission fees only.




Nanotron also served as a Gold Sponsor for the China Expansion Theme Park Summit.


Caption: Child Loss Protection Solutions specialist Nanotron Technologies presented its Child Safety Solutions at the international China Expansion Summit in Shanghai on 8th-9th Sept. 2011.




About Nanotron Technologies


Nanotron is a leading developer of Loss Protection Solutions used to protect people, animals and valuable assets. Nanotron’s reliable Chirp technology works with small battery powered radio nodes used to monitor the protected objects or persons. An alarm is generated, when the protected object leaves the individually defined Virtual Safety Zone. Nanotron’s Child Loss Protection Solutions (CLOPS) are designed to protect young children. Nanotron sells Chirp Chips, Chirp Modules and the related Software, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on a global scale. Numerous global consumer brands rely on Nanotron’s solutions. Nanotron is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and has worldwide sales operations.


More information: www.nanotron.com 




About China Theme Park Expansion Summit, Shanghai


In 2010, the total investment in China’s theme park industry was 20.5 billion RMB. With an average of 100 million visitors per year and a yearly average consumption of more than 100 billion RMB; it is estimated that the industry will increase by 15% in 2011. According to forecasts by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, by 2020, China will overtake France and Spain to become the world’s main tourist destination.




Media Contacts


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T  +49 30 399 954-0


Email t.foerste@nanotron.com


Web http://www.nanotron.com




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