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Napatech introduces Time Synchronization Endpoint for IEEE1588

by david.nunes


Napatech introduces Time Synchronization Endpoint for IEEE1588 PTP retrofit

The Napatech Time Synchronization Endpoint (NTTSE) allows IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization support to be retro-fitted to existing appliances

ANDOVER, Massachusetts, March 29, 2012 – Napatech today introduced a new time synchronization endpoint unit supporting the IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization protocol. The Napatech Time Synchronization Endpoint (NTTSE) can be installed as an IEEE1588 PTP slave and allows Napatech customers to synchronize appliances using Napatech intelligent network adapters to an IEEE1588 PTP master.

The NTTSE converts the IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization information to the Napatech Time Synchronization Protocol (NT-TS) supported by all Napatech fully featured intelligent network adapters. This is important for applications where high precision time stamping of captured packets is required, such as latency monitoring for financial networks, telecom protocol analysis or Ethernet network performance monitoring.

“As we move to 10 GbE and 40 GbE, the number of packets per second that need to be analyzed in typical data centers or telecom networks reaches tens of millions”, explained Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO Napatech. “Time stamping each packet for high speed time analysis therefore requires nanosecond precision hardware to ensure that each packet arrives in the right order. Only then can you precisely measure latency or reliably determine when and how an event has occurred in the network. With IEEE1588 PTP as a time synchronization master and the NTTSE, you can ensure that all your appliances in the data center are synchronized with nanosecond precision.”

The NTTSE can be connected to an IEEE 1588-2008 PTP v2 time synchronization network using a standard Ethernet RJ45 cable. Three SMA female connectors are provided for connection to either three Napatech network adapters or three Napatech Time Synchronization Units (NTTSU) allowing support for up to 24 Napatech network adapters. Using Napatech daisy-chaining features on Napatech network adapters, this support can be extended to up to 192 Napatech network adapters based on a single NTTSE.

“Time synchronization over this number of network adapters requires a very high accuracy”, stated Jensen. “The NTTSE provides nanosecond precision to ensure that a high level of accuracy can be preserved.”

Measuring 125mm (4.92 in) by 36mm (1.42 in) by 80 mm (3.15 in) and weighing only 142 g (5 oz), the NTTSE is designed for quick and easy installation without the need for configuration. This allows the NTTSE to be quickly installed in any location on a permanent or temporary basis.

With over 100,000 ports already deployed, Napatech is the leading provider of intelligent network adapters for network monitoring and analysis. The NTTSE allows OEM vendors who have deployed appliances based on Napatech network adapters to also support new data center installations with IEEE1588 PTP.

“There are more and more data centers installing, or upgrading to, IEEE1588 PTP for distribution of time synchronization signals and many of our customers are required to adapt to this with existing installed products”, added Jensen. “With the NTTSE, it is so easy that the users can install it themselves.”

For availability and pricing of the NTTSE please contact Napatech at www.napatech.com.

Visit Napatech at the upcoming Interop Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas USA from the 6th to the 10th of May or at the World IT Show in Seoul, South Korea from the 15th to the 18th of Many to learn more about the NTTSE.

About Napatech

Napatech is the leading OEM supplier of 40 GbE, 10 GbE and 1 GbE intelligent adapters for real-time network analysis with over 100,000 Ethernet ports deployed. Napatech network adapters provide real-time packet capture and transmission with full line-rate throughput and zero packet loss no matter the packet size. Intelligent features enable off-load of data traffic processing and packet analysis normally performed in the CPU. This results in more processing power for the network monitoring, analysis, management, test, measurement, security or optimization application being supported. Napatech has sales, marketing and R&D offices in Mountain View (CA), Andover (MA), Washington D.C., Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

For more information visit us at: www.napatech.com

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