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Narconon International Applauds Say No to Drugs Race 2010

by david.nunes

The 2010 Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic Was Bigger and Better than Ever

It is that time of year when Narconon International wishes to send highest Kudos to the Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic Race. “Beyond being proud our volunteer support group, Friends of Narconon, has since the race’s inception been a beneficiary of the event held annually in Los Angeles, we are proud of the far reaching results of the race. It rallies so many sectors to the cause of helping youthand adults be and stay drug free, said Patty Schwartz, Executive Director of Friends of Narconon.

In its 10th year, Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic, Executive Director, Ryan Kugler, and his production team stacked up multiple recognitions foran anti-drug sporting event that attracted more than 3000 runners and fans to the cause of drug-free living.

Acknowledgements for the annual event, originally staged in famed Griffith Park, came from the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, presented by Los Angeles City Council man, Tom LaBonge, as well as, Los Angeles county Sheriff, Lee Baca. Further kudos were presented by Burbank Mayor, Anja Reinke and the Burbank Chief of Police, Scott LaChasse.

The DEA and FBI also offered appreciation for drawing public attention to the need to curtail the growing influence of drug trafficking and drug-related violence at a time when it has never been more brutal.

Support also came from the corporate sector, from such companies as Coca Cola, Cliff Bar, FritoLay, Wheaties, Sketchers, and Dole to name a few and from the entertainment industry. Many celebrities, including Julian Sands (Smallville) and Donelle Turner (Days of Our Lives) participated in the race alongside champion athlete and boxing champion from USC, Tito Ortiz. Edin Gali (Mad Men)led the way in the pace car provided by Toyota.

Kugler says he loves that the race is on the back lot of Universal Studios, giving the runners an opportunity to see close up movie sets, like, War of the Worlds and Whoville, and wind past the Bates Hotel of Psycho fame, and even the set of Desperate Housewives. “I think that having support from Universal Studios for this race really sends a strong message to the public that it is important to champion the drug-free lifestyle,” he says.

Friends of Narconon volunteers offered attendees effective drug prevention resources and validated race participants who once had drug and alcohol problems. “It is always a thrill to be able to validate participants in this run who have beat addiction. We do all we can to educate youth so that  they never take drugs in the first place, but our parent organization Narconon (no narcotics) has been helping people win the race against addiction for 40 years,” said Patty Schwartz, Executive Director of Friends of Narconon. “Sobriety is something we should never give up on for any substance abuser.”

Narconon is a worldwide organization dedicated to preventing drug abuse and rehabilitating those who have become addicted.

For more information about the Narconon drug rehab program call 1 800-775-8750 or visit www.narconon.org

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