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NATO Endorse Avanti Communications HYLAS Fleet

by david.nunes

NATO Endorse Avanti Communications HYLAS Fleet

Avanti’s Ka-band satellites available for NATO forces across Europe, Middle East and Africa

London (10 July 2012): Avanti Communications (LSE: AVN), the satellite operator, is pleased to announce the signing of a Basic Ordering Agreement, BOA, with NATO’s Communications and Information Agency (NCIA), formerly the NC3A Agency.

The agreement allows NATO Command agencies and NATO Member States to request pricing and place orders using pre-agreed terms and conditions and pricing tables.

NATO has recently acknowledged the importance of Ka-band in its future commercial satellite communications requirements.  Ka-band provides extremely cost effective satellite bandwidth to support the higher data throughput requirements of operational and welfare applications for NATO and National deployments.  Avanti’s areas of coverage include Europe, the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa.

Malcolm Green Head of NCIA’s Satellite team commented “NATO’s recent operational experience has highlighted the critical nature of beyond lines of sight communications.  The introduction of Avanti’s Ka-band satellite capacity provides a valuable addition to our communication capability options and demonstrates the increasing value of utilising competitively priced, leading-edge commercial Satellite Communications technology to support operations”

David Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Avanti, commented “We are delighted that Avanti has begun the process of providing crucial communications support to NATO forces, particularly as Avanti can help them achieve best value and a technical solution ideally suited for the challenges they face”.

For more information on the HYLAS 2 launch please go to http://www.avantiplc.com/hylas2.

This gives you access to a full multi-media press kit including an image bank, videos as well as to an embeddable animation explaining how our satellite works, an interactive launch timeline (endorsed by Arianespace), and application examples of HYLAS 2’s  Ka-band technology.



The new NCI Agency “connects forces, NATO and Nations”- it is NATO’s IT and C4ISR provider, including cyber and missile defence. The NCI Agency is a key pillar of NATO Secretary General’s Smart Defence and Connected Forces initiatives; supporting NATO operations is our top priority. The Agency is led by Major General (ret.) Koen Gijsbers and is part of the NATO Communications and Information Organization.

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency was established on 1 July as a result of the merger of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A), the NATO ACCS Management Agency (NACMA), the NATO Communication and Information Systems Services Agency (NCSA), the ALTBMD Programme Office and elements of NATO HQ ICTM.

The establishment of the Agency is part of a broader NATO reform.

About Avanti

Avanti sells satellite data communications services to telecoms companies which use them to supply residential, enterprise and institutional users. Avanti’s first satellite, called HYLAS 1, launched on November 26th 2010 and was the first Ka-band satellite launched in Europe. Avanti’s second satellite, HYLAS 2, will extend Avanti’s coverage to Africa and the Middle East. Avanti’s third satellite HYLAS 3, to be launched in partnership with ESA in 2015, will provide further capacity in the EMEA region.  Some 80% of Avanti’s fleet capacity will address the emerging telecommunications markets of Africa and the Middle East.


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