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NEC Joins LTE/SAE Trial Initiative

by david.nunes
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NEC Joins LTE/SAE Trial Initiative

Tokyo, September 29, 2008 – NEC Corporation announced today that it has joined the LTE / SAE (Long Term Evolution / System Architecture Evolution) Trial Initiative (LSTI), a groundbreaking industry group composed of major telecom vendors and operators who are committed to driving the development of commercial and interoperable next-generation LTE mobile broadband systems. “As a leading participant in the 3GPP group that developed the LTE standard, NEC is committed to LTE solutions that feature the highest levels of quality, scalability and interoperability,” said Kazuya Hashimoto, General Manager, Mobile Radio Access Network Division, NEC. “Joining the LSTI will enable NEC to work with other leading telecommunications companies worldwide, and to contribute to bringing high-speed wireless broadband to global markets.” NEC follows NGMN(*) requirements, in cooperation with LSTI members, to develop standards for LTE/SAE, verify technology, and carry out trials and Interoperability Tests (IOT). These activities enable NEC to contribute to the acceleration of open systems and the commercialization of LTE, which place the company in a leadership position among emerging mobile communications markets. (*) About NGMN Alliance: (www.ngmn.org) The Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) Alliance currently consists of 52 world leading global network operators, technology vendors and universities. The network operators represent more than half of all mobile phone users worldwide and technology vendors represent more than 90 percent of implemented mobile wireless infrastructure. The key objective of the Alliance is to provide a platform for innovation for mobile broadband communications that enables an exceptional mobile user experience – cost-effective and user-friendly services and a range of end user devices like mobile phones and embedded mobile devices for laptops, consumer electronics, game consoles, etc. The NGMN White Paper summarizes the vision for mobile broadband communications and includes common operator recommendations as well as requirements for the standards for the next generation of mobile broadband networks, devices and services.

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