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NEC’s new M166 Communicator series provides cost effective personal safety in Care and Cure

by david.nunes

NEC’s new M166 Communicator series provides cost effective
personal safety in Care and Cure

The ultimate personal alarming and communication device for staff, patients and assisted living

Hilversum, 14thSeptember 2015 – With the introduction of the M166 Communicator, an extremely sophisticated and easily wearable wireless device, NEC sets new standards in alarming and communications and once again demonstrates the company is at the forefront of innovations.

NEC’s M166 Communicator is an alarming and communication device, ideallysuited to provide personal safety to staff, patients and elderly people, suchas in care and cure and assisted living.The extremely cost effective device significantly lowers the threshold for healthcare institutions to enhance patient and staff safety and security.

The M166 isvery easy to use and provides freedom and comfort to move around as it can be worn with a lanyard or a clip.Pressing the alarm button will immediately alert the relevant staff and opens up an instant speech connection for high-quality hands freecommunication.

Trust, comfort and swift response at the point of need

Comfortable, practical and appealing, the M166 Communicator brings mobile messaging and speakerphone communications to the highest level of comfort. It integrates seamlessly with an organization’s PBX and (messaging) applications and assures users that they can rely on immediate support at the point of need.

The built-in vibration function enablesstaff to be available without having to disturb others, while IP65 dust and water protection ensures the device’s uninterrupted working despite challenging circumstances.

Location detection

NEC’s IP DECT solution can also be used to locate the M166 Communicator and its user. This is an extremely powerful feature, enabling for instance to monitor patients when they may be wandering and provide assistance quickly on the spot when needed. Besides DECT signal strength detection, the M166 can also be detected via dedicated beacons. To this end it is the first of NEC IP DECT devices to be equipped with an RTLS (Real-Time Location System) location detector for precise indoor location detection. By providing the exact device locations on a graphic map, a person’s location can be pinpointed exactly, while follow up by alarm notification can be automated where required.

The M166 Communicator will become available in the coming months through NEC channels across all markets served.

About NEC Enterprise Solutions:

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About NEC Corporation

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