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Neotel Selects ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks for Integrated Packet Optical Solution

by david.nunes

Neotel Selects ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks for Integrated Packet Optical Solution

Seamless Network Addresses South Africa’s Phenomenal Bandwidth Boom

Johannesburg, South Africa. December 2, 2015. ADVA Optical Networking announced today that Neotel has deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 and Juniper PTX3000 to create a flexible, dynamic and integrated packet optical network architecture. One of South Africa’s leading service providers, Neotel is using the multi-layer network to respond to enormous bandwidth growth in fixed and mobile data consumption and increasing migration to cloud services. Including ADVA Optical Networking’s ROADM technology and Juniper Networks’ routers with tunable DWDM interfaces, this network is the first in Africa to feature a unified multi-layer, multi-vendor approach. It will enable Neotel to rapidly roll out new services, increase availability and simplify network operations. The packet-optical solution also marks a major step forward in lowering power consumption and decreasing Neotel’s physical footprint. The network was implemented by South African integrator XON Systems, an Elite partner of both ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks.

“Our new network is our crucial technological advantage. From the home to the enterprise to major data centers, we now have the power to precisely tailor value-added services to fit individual customers’ needs,” said Dr. Marten Scheffer, general manager, network engineering, Neotel. “The integration of the packet and optical layer streamlines operations and reduces the steps needed to configure new applications so time to market is massively reduced. Where it could take hours to activate new services, we can now do it in seconds. It was an easy decision to select our long-term partners ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks. We know from experience that their technology delivers on flexibility, efficiency and reliability. But the deciding factors were the close relationships we’ve built together and the level of expert support both teams provide.”

As well as creating the flexibility to easily and simply install new services, one of the key benefits of the ADVA FSP 3000 and Juniper PTX3000 is the improvement they bring to Neotel’s overall network availability. This is achieved through multi-layer resiliency and the leveraging of additional optical restoration capabilities. The new system also decreases operational time and effort thanks to its integrated network management solution. The small footprint and low power consumption of the ADVA FSP 3000 has been optimized through the use of tunable DWDM Juniper PTX3000 router interfaces. What’s more, the new technology is Neotel’s first step towards an architecture based on software-defined networking (SDN), which will further increase transport efficiency and enable Neotel to offer a whole new range of applications in the future.

“What we’ve created here is a real first for the African continent, a genuine milestone. With its unified packet and optical architecture, made possible by the openness of our optical system, this network will make a huge difference to many South African homes and businesses,” commented Günter Landers, sales director Africa, ADVA Optical Networking. “The ROADM technology not only adds flexibility but also scalability in the optical layer. That’s what enables Neotel to focus on growing its business and maintaining high customer satisfaction secure in the knowledge that its network performs efficiently and supports future growth. With a streamlined, fully integrated multi-layer transport solution, Neotel can now respond to customer demand in an instant and even trial new services quickly, easily and without risk.”

“Together with ADVA Optical Networking and Neotel we’ve achieved something quite remarkable,” said Adrian Pickering, vice president Middle East and Africa, Juniper Networks. “For Neotel, the new network means having a real competitive edge in a fierce market place. For its customers it means even more reliable, fast and cost-efficient connectivity. The streamlined solution provides Neotel with an incredible level of flexibility and automation. Its routers and optical systems can be integrated into an SDN controller, with routing decisions based on both packet and optical layer info. This enables efficient, application-driven network configuration and supports innovative applications like bandwidth-on-demand. It’s the product of a lot of close collaboration by all three teams. The commitment and effort have been inspiring but the result makes it all worthwhile.”

Watch this video for information on the ADVA FSP 3000: http://adva.li/3dfsp3000.

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