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Netbiscuits report: multi-device strategy for mobile

by david.nunes

Netbiscuits report: multi-device strategy for mobile

Netbiscuits has today launched a new industry report which looks at creating a multi-device strategy for mobile. Entitled “A Customer First Web Experience”, the report contains advice on making responsive web design work, covering how best to address issues such as speed, user context and device fragmentation.

The importance of the mobile web and providing a multi-device experience has become paramount for all organizations. The effectiveness of a multi-device strategy has a direct impact on page impressions, page views, time spent on site, asset downloads and conversions. Yet despite this, many organizations are failing to capitalize on the opportunities and are falling behind their competitors.

The gap between marketing goals for web presence and the technical limitations of many organizations has led to the requirement for a more flexible and future-proof approach that both protects investment and prevents costs from escalating but does not compromise the experience for customers or damage the perception of the brand. Increasingly, responsive design websites are being supported by server-side adaptation techniques in order to improve reach and conversion rates.

Delivering a customer first web experience is becoming increasingly urgent as traffic from non-PC devices continues to grow exponentially. This report explains how to accomplish this and tackle the main problems of today’s mobile web with server-side adaptation solutions. To download the report please visit: http://www.netbiscuits.com/reports/reports-and-papers/a-customer-first-web-experience/

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