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NetCracker Achieves CMMI Level 5 Appraisal and TMF Frameworx

by david.nunes

NetCracker Achieves CMMI Level 5 Appraisal and TMF Frameworx
Conformance Certification

Industry Leadership and Commitment to Standards
Strengthens Service Providers’ Ability to Accelerate Business Transformation

WALTHAM, MA — November 01, 2011 — NetCracker Technology announced today that it has received the highest possible ratings from two leading industry standards bodies: CMMI Level 5 appraisal of NetCracker’s Solution Delivery Division from Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI); and TM Forum Conformance Certification of the entire NetCracker Telecom Operations and Management Solutions Suite, Release 8.2.

This dual achievement makes NetCracker unique in its ability to develop standardized applications and utilize standardized deployment methodologies. According to Andrew Feinberg, NetCracker’s President and CEO, standards are critical in their ability to help operators adapt to today’s rapidly changing communications marketplace: “To remain competitive, operators must be able to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction through the rapid integration of new technologies and the speedy rollout of services. Standardization plays a critical role in easing the integration of new technologies and business models into service provider ecosystems.”

Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst with Heavy Reading agrees: “In the communications industry, standards play a pivotal role enabling service providers to adapt to rapid changes in the market. Service providers must roll out new services, deploy new technologies, and respond to market demands quickly. Standards play a key role in allowing this to happen cost effectively, quickly, and with reduced integration costs.”

NetCracker Solution Suite Receives TM Forum Conformance Certification
NetCracker recently received TM Forum’s highest possible scores in the conformance certification of Release 8.2 of its Telecom Operations and Management Solutions Suite and, as a result, was awarded TM Forum’s Frameworx 10 Product Conformance Mark. Through a process of continuous improvement, NetCracker’s product suite has adopted TM Forum’s most accepted and applicable standards, including Business Process (eTOM), Information (SID), and Application (TAM) Frameworks, as well as OSS/J and (Multi-Technology Operations Systems Interface (MTOSI), to help service providers overcome challenges on the way to optimized and efficient service delivery.

NetCracker Solution Delivery Division Achieves CMMI Level 5 Appraisal
In addition, NetCracker’s Solution Delivery Division received a CMMI Level 5 appraisal — the highest rank in the globally recognized CMMI model established by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute. CMMI Level 5 confirms NetCracker’s use of standardized, best practices to improve the development of products and services. Process standardization reduces time, effort, rework, and defects, and thereby reduces product, production, delivery, and support costs while improving product features, quality — and ultimately — customer satisfaction. The highly valued Level 5 appraisal confirms NetCracker’s industry-leading project management, product integration, and process management capabilities. The rating model provides a framework for continuous improvement in management, product development, and delivery while connecting engineering best practices to business objectives.

For more information about NetCracker’s recent CMMI and TM Forum appraisals, or to learn more about the role of standards in transforming the telecommunications industry, please visit www.NetCracker.com.

About NetCracker Technology
NetCracker Technology, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is the leading provider of Telecom Operations and Management Systems to Communications Service Providers worldwide. For additional information, please visit http://www.NetCracker.com.

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