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Netformx ChannelXpert Simplifies Business Decision-Making for Chesapeake NetCraftsmen

by david.nunes

Netformx ChannelXpert Simplifies Business Decision-Making for Chesapeake NetCraftsmen

*     Chesapeake NetCraftsmen implements Netformx ChannelXpert to manage

vendor rewards, employee certifications, and partner interactions

*     Actionable insights uncover hidden profits in enterprise network

sales management

*     Sales automation increases accuracy, productivity, and profitability

SAN DIEGO, CA-June 8, 2015-Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Netformx <http://mkto-a0367.com/n0NK0rr01vO50TS0g000yq5> R, a provider of sales enablement and profit acceleration platforms for cloud and telecom solution providers, announced that Chesapeake NetCraftsmen has successfully implemented Netformx ChannelXpert, resulting in increased vendor award rebates and increased productivity. Netformx ChannelXpert automates the process of capturing reward dollars, adhering to discount-based incentives, ensuring compliance, and tracking employee certifications.

Chesapeake NetCraftsmen <http://mkto-a0367.com/ZSO5K00sy0000v0gs105TNq>  is a Cisco Gold Reseller that provides professional services as well as products. The company delivers high-impact infrastructure and Unified Communications and Collaboration products and services to organizations including the Government, Healthcare, Finance, and Energy industries.

NetCraftsmen’s comprehensive solution portfolio focuses on networking, collaboration, security, and data center technologies.

With Netformx ChannelXpert, Chesapeake NetCraftsmen has been able to easily track, analyze, and understand their vendor reward status, such as Cisco Value Incentive Programs. Instead of using an arduous manual process to review program disqualifications at the end of the reward period, ChannelXpert dashboards provide easy-to-understand, actionable information derived from Cisco and other vendor reports so NetCraftsmen can track their rewards quickly and consistently throughout the qualification interval.

ChannelXpert has made a broad range of business results easy to obtain, including many areas that were not managed at all because data were not available or were cumbersome to analyze. NetCraftsmen has gained significant value from ChannelXpert through improved efficiency and new insights that impact profitability. It has removed labor-intensive tasks and significantly improved visibility and management of Cisco and other technology supplier reward and certification programs. The Chesapeake NetCraftsmen case study <http://mkto-a0367.com/p0500N00tT0v0tOSy50Kgq1>  is available for more details on the benefits experienced.

Key Facts

*     Netformx enables solution providers to increase their profitability

more than 1% by reducing time-to-quote 80% and reducing implementation error rates by 99%.

*     Netformx ChannelXpert drives profitability with automated supply

chain and incentive program management.

*     Chesapeake NetCraftsmen can now focus on actions, not data gathering

and analysis.

*     Benefits have included efficient and cost-effective vendor promotion

management and automated monitoring, management, and up-keep of employee certifications.

*     Using Netformx award-winning solutions, over 2,000 customers in more

than 100 countries design and sell winning and implementable multivendor solutions while operating their businesses profitably.

Supporting Quotes

“Raw data and complex reports are a waste of time. Netformx ChannelXpert doesn’t just give me data- it provides simple graphics and reports that tell me what I can do. No decoder ring is needed! We have seen immediate growth in our reward rebates since we have used Netformx ChannelXpert to highlight vendor incentive programs as proposals are generated, to fix any rebate submission errors, and to track rewards,” said David Yarashus, CTO at Chesapeake NetCraftsmen.

“With Netformx ChannelXpert, senior management, procurement, deal desk, and finance teams are increasing profitability through greater vendor program participation and tighter relationships with their suppliers and distributors,” said Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx. “Companies like Chesapeake NetCraftsmen are uncovering hidden profits in their enterprise network sales processes by using ChannelXpert to gain actionable insights and increase accuracy, productivity, and profitability.”


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*     The InterComms Magazine article, “Driving Profitability from Vendor

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*     “Netformx Helps Cisco Partners Get What’s Coming To Them

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*     The InterComms Magazine article, “Profit Acceleration for Ecosystem

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*     Frost and Sullivan’s “Error-free Design: Why Owning Service

Complexity Benefits the Business

<http://mkto-a0367.com/O0q0K5vT0100ON5z0z0y0gS> “.

*     More information on Chesapeake NetCraftsmen

<http://mkto-a0367.com/p0500N00AT0v0AOSy50Kgq1> .


*     Netformx ChannelXpert

<http://mkto-a0367.com/z0vg1y50005SOBq0NKB0T00> , to increase profitability through greater program participation and tighter relationships with suppliers and distributors.

*     Netformx customer case studies

<http://mkto-a0367.com/kN0C50O00qK01Syvg00C50T> .

*     Connect with Netformx on Twitter

<http://mkto-a0367.com/E0y0N0KDSDg0O0vT1q05500>  and LinkedIn <http://mkto-a0367.com/UvEK05T05S0Nyq010O000Eg> .

About Netformx

Netformx accelerates cloud and telecom solution provider profits with powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes. Using Netformx award-winning solutions our customers design and sell winning and implementable multivendor solutions demanded by enterprises across the globe, while operating their businesses profitably.

Netformx has over 2,000 service provider, systems integrator, and technology vendor customers in more than 120 countries including AT&T, Bell Canada, CDW, Cisco, Dimension Data, HP, Insight, Juniper, Orange Business Services, Sprint, Telstra, and Verizon. Our comprehensive KnowledgeBaseT contains client and vendor products, services, and program compliance data from vendors such as Cisco, Brocade, EMC, HP, Juniper, Avaya, APC, Belden, Jabra, and Riverbed.

More information can be found at www.Netformx.com <http://mkto-a0367.com/I000rNg055KrOy1v0q0ST00> .

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