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Netgem delivers IPTV 2.0 solutions, powered by Intel® technology

by david.nunes

Netgem delivers IPTV 2.0 solutions, powered by Intel® technology

IP&TV World Forum, London – March 22, 2011 – Netgem, an IPTV technology leader, announced today that it will implement its software platform on the Intel® Atom(TM) processor CE4100, leveraging the power of Intel’s Multi-Application Framework (MAF).

The growing number of connected devices into the home is generating new expectations from consumers in terms of nonlinear and multi-screen video consumption which the current generations of IPTV platforms cannot fulfill.

Christophe Aulnette, CEO of Netgem said: “Our customers now expect their boxes to do much more than TV: multi-screen, open web browsing, gaming, videoconferencing, appstores… No single application framework can claim to do everything. With our software on Intel MAF, our customers can extend the life of their investments by opening the platform to new services.”

Intel MAF allows a seamless coexistence of different service platforms in a single device. In such an environment, Netgem will provide the software platform for next generation hybrid TV services and the overall user interface.

Keith Wehmeyer, General Manager, IPTV Segment, Digital Home Group, Intel, said: “We’ve been impressed by the vision of Netgem and the quality of the implementation of their hybrid TV software platform on our Multi Application Framework. Intel solutions and Netgem software are clearly laying the ground for IPTV 2.0 to become a reality: one smart box powering media and communication services for the connected home.”

For more information about Netgem’s hybrid broadcast / broadband IPTV solutions and its open approach to IPTV 2.0 please visit Stand #38 at IP&TV World Forum 2011 or go to: http://www.netgem.com/

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