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Netherlands Ministry of Defence purchases VBS2 Enterprise Licence

by david.nunes

Netherlands Ministry of Defence purchases VBS2 Enterprise Licence


Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is very excited to announce that the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MINDEF NL) has purchased an enterprise license of VBS2! After several years of employing VBS2 at a smaller scale, MINDEF NL is now able to fully leverage game-based capability for training, simulation and development.


The license includes all of the baseline VBS2 products, including:


·         VBS2, and updates to future versions including the recently announced VBS2 v2.0

·         VBS2Fires, for high-fidelity call-for-fire

·         VBS2Strike, providing realistic close air support

·         VBS2Fusion, allowing new VBS2 plug-ins being created

·         VBSWorlds, for the development of new multi-platform training games using VBS2 content


BISim has also been contracted to develop a wide range of Dutch vehicle and solider entities ranging from the CV-90 and Leopard 2 through to logistics vehicles such as trucks and repair and recovery vehicles. The CV-90 model will take advantage of recent Challenger II tank gunnery enhancements, including fire control system simulation and improved vehicle ballistics and physics.


BISim has been proudly serving the MINDEF NL for several years, and past contracts include creation of riot control police, and most recently, development of a highly realistic Marnehuizen terrain database including underground features and improved lighting.


Peter Morrison, CEO of BISim, said “The Dutch are now able to fully exploit VBS2 and related products through this perpetual licensing agreement, and we look forward to supporting them for years to come.  VBS2 is an affordable yet highly capable alternative to traditional military simulation, and Bohemia is extremely pleased that the Dutch have so readily accepted game-based technology.”


About VBS2

VBS2 is a game-based virtual training solution suited for collective military tactical training and mission rehearsal. VBS2 is an ‘open platform’ that provides scenario editors, run-time scenario editing, after-action review and content development capability, in addition to a highly realistic multi-participant virtual environment. VBS2 is a virtual sandbox that is employed daily by all ABCA Armies and many other premier military forces. VBS2 training courses are available.


About Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations is a world leader in providing simulation technologies and integrated training solutions for military and civilian organizations around the globe. With origins in the gaming industry, BISim has repeatedly delivered high fidelity, low cost, disruptive technology into the virtual, tactical military simulation domain. BISim has successfully exploited game-based technology with stunning visuals and applied this to a range of breakthrough, military-specific simulations products.


Since its founding in 2001, BISim has produced several state-of-the-art serious game products. Our primary focus has been the development of the Virtual Battlespace series; delivering flexible, high fidelity, virtual environments for multi-participant training across a wide range of critical areas. The flagship product in this series is the Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2).


For more information please visit http://www.bisimulations.com and www.facebook.com/bisimulations.


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